Oregon Coast | Towns, Things To Do, Best Beaches, Coastal Maps

Planning a trip to the gorgeous Oregon Coast? Let us be your travel guide to the coast with the best restaurants, cute coastal towns, hikes and more. The Oregon coast has 363 miles of amazing public beaches to explore. Check out our map of popular Oregon coast towns marked with a blue icon, and state parks on the Oregon coast marked with a yellow star. There are many beautiful state scenic areas and viewpoints to check out as well by zooming in on the map.

Map Of Oregon Coast - Towns, Cities And State Parks

You can also check out a full screen version of the above map of the Oregon coast here.

Oregon Coast Attractions

oregon coast
The Oregon coast. Photo via Michael Matti via Flickr CC2.

The Oregon coast is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year. In the winter we get huge king tide waves that are a sight to behold. In the summer there's events and festivals, and many great places to hike and paddle. If you're looking for something fun to do on the Oregon coast during your trip we've got you covered with some of our favorite spots, including our favorite restaurants, hikes, and things to do.

Oregon Coast Restaurants

oregon coast
A lovely (and crabby!) view at Clearwater Restaurant in Newport, Oregon

Northern Oregon Coast Things To Do

oregon coast towns
Photo by Jeremiah Leslie via Flickr CC2.

Central Oregon Coast Things To Do

Photo by Tyler Willford | That Oregon Life

Southern Oregon Coast Things To Do

Floras Lake. Photo by The Bureau of Land Management via Flickr CC2.

Oregon Coast Hikes

oregon coast
Drift Creek Falls Suspension Bridge / via thePDXphotographer

Cool Oregon Coast Towns

oregon coast
Astoria-Megler Bridge (Photo by Danielle Denham)

Visiting The Oregon Coast

oregon coast
Sunset at the coast, Bandon, Oregon. / Image via Danielle Denham

Oregon Coast Lighthouses

oregon coast
Heceta Head Lighthouse at sunset. Photo by John Fowler via Flickr CC2.

You can also check out this map of Oregon coast sub-regions. The Oregon coast is split into the Northern Oregon coast, Central Oregon coast, and Southern Oregon coast.

Map of Oregon Coast
Image via Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.