Thank you stopping by That Oregon Life! As a native Oregonian and outdoor enthusiast, I wanted to share my experiences and love that I have for our beloved state. Founded in 2013 as a passion project, That Oregon Life quickly grew to become a massive platform reaching millions across the globe. Not only are we known for our endless adventures, and keeping you up to date on the latest in Oregon, but we also offer our line of high-quality products for Oregonians.

Living That Oregon Life

That Oregon Life captures the best of Oregon with our beautiful, endless platform for all Oregonians to share their amazing adventures. We love sharing great Oregon content and giving credit because Oregon is full of amazing talent and beauty. From local artists and entrepreneurs to historians and musicians, and all the other organizations or crazy fun things that make Oregon so great!

As true Oregonians, we respect our environment and Leave No Trace when discovering local beauty. That Oregon Life followers love adventure, amazing hikes, spectacular Oregon locations, delicious food & drink, incredible road trips, and supporting local business.

Leave No Trace

Our purpose is to cultivate a welcoming environment where people Leave No Trace and learn to be more tolerant of others, bridge gaps, work together as a community, find common ground, and create sustainable solutions the Oregon way. That Oregon Life is a place where Oregonian citizens, organizations, and businesses can flourish. We connect and learn from each others’ experiences to grow, thrive, and prosper together in harmony. Join us, and surround yourself with Oregon inspiration.


That Oregon Life is built as a collaborative effort by its user community. While we make every effort to fact-check, information found here should be considered anecdotal. You should cross-check against other references before planning a hike. Trail routing and conditions are subject to change. Please contact us if you notice errors on this page. All content posted on That Oregon Life, and may not be used without permission.

Hiking is a potentially dangerous activity and can potentially result in injury or death. The hike descriptions contained in the That Oregon Life website are a community resource intended to help plan outings, but individuals using this resource are wholly responsible for anticipating potential hazards and evaluating their physical ability to follow a particular hike description. Use the links on this website to research trail and weather conditions, and always carry the ten essentials. ThatOregonLife.com is not responsible for the hikers who use this resource.

Protect, Restore & Preserve

We have something special going on in Oregon, and we want to protect it. That Oregon Life loves and supports “Oregon-minded” brands that are willing to help make a positive impact in our communities.

Our goal is to provide the best premium Oregon content for our fans to enjoy and share. That Oregon Life has long been a trusted source for the best Oregon has to offer, and our community continues to grow exponentially. Founded and run by passionate, life-long Oregonians, That Oregon Life understands that Oregon is not just a place to live or visit. Being an Oregonian is a way of life, and the spirit of Oregon can be found all around the world.


Oregon’s Heart of Adventure

The heart of Oregon and That Oregon Life beats with adventure, exploration, community support, tolerance, and the simple joys of enjoying our beautiful state. That Oregon Life is not just about Oregon, it’s a state of mind. Our fans are active and they can take a joke like a true Oregonian who’s not afraid to keep it weird.

At That Oregon Life, we welcome all Oregonians new and old with open arms. True Oregonians love to explore the wonders of Oregon, share adventures, respect our environment, and be tolerant of all other Oregonians.

Making a Difference

Every single company marketing with That Oregon Life must be Oregon Minded. That means the businesses and organizations you see in our Premium Ads are Trusted & Verified “Oregon Minded” Brands. By working diligently with our partners to Protect, Restore & Preserve Oregon, we make Oregon a better place to live, learn, and play.

Learn to Laugh

Being an Oregonian is also about having fun and learning to laugh a little. One hot topic that’s no laughing matter is the insane increase of road congestion and traffic throughout Oregon.


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