Munson Creek Falls Is The Tallest Waterfall On The Oregon Coast

This is the perfect short and easy trail to take with kids, or for taking a stroll through lush old-growth forest.

oregon coast waterfall munson creek falls
Munson Creek Falls. Photo by Doug Kerr via Flickr CC2.

If you're looking for an easy hike to take the kids on or just want a quick stroll through the woods, we have the perfect trail for you on the scenic Oregon coast. This beautiful trail leads through dense forest and ends with views of the Oregon Coast Range's tallest waterfall: Munson Creek Falls.

The Trail To Munson Creek Falls


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Munson Creek Falls is 319 feet tall over several tiers, which makes it the tallest waterfall in Oregon's Coastal Range.


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The trail to the falls is an easy .6 mile round trip path that's well maintained, though there's a 'closed' sign at the end of the trail due to fallen logs. You can't get right up to Munson Creek Falls, but the views from the trail are well worth the trip.

On your short hike, you'll enjoy walking through old-growth forest, big leaf maples, red alders, trillium, ferns, corydalis, and violets beneath the forest canopy. If you come in the fall you'll be rewarded with brightly colored leaves along the trail.

The water at the base of the falls is a spawning ground for salmon. In late fall watch the waters to see if you can catch a glimpse of salmon just below the surface.

Bring a picnic to enjoy along the trail, and bring your own water. There are no facilities along this trail and no bathrooms. Whatever you bring with you, be sure to pack it back out with you so we can keep this place natural and beautiful.

Oregon has so many beautiful waterfalls to explore that they're hard to keep track of! Check out some of our favorites here.

Note: Always check to be sure the destination you want to visit is open. Wildfires, severe storms, and the pandemic may sometimes temporarily close trails.


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Help protect Oregon's outdoor areas by staying on trail and following the seven principles of leave no trace.  When we all do our part, we help keep these beautiful areas open to the public.


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Have you been to Munson Creek Falls? What was your favorite part? Hit the link below if you are looking for more amazing trails to hike in Oregon.

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