The Historic Ben Jones Bridge, Also Known as Rocky Creek Bridge

A perfect spot to pull over to enjoy the view, and watch waves crash and dance over the rocks.

Rocky Creek Bridge
Ben Jones Bridge Viewpoint By Jasperdo via Flickr CC2.

Just two miles south of Depoe Bay along the old Highway 101 sits the historic Ben Jones Bridge (known as the Rocky Creek Bridge to some). The Ben Jones Bridge viewpoint is the perfect spot to watch waves crash and dance over the rocks, and is one of our favorite spots on the Oregon coast to pull over and enjoy the view.

The Ben Jones Bridge, also known as Rocky Creek Bridge on Old Highway 101

rocky creek bridge
Rocky Creek Ben Jones Bridge. Photo via

The Ben Jones Bridge has low vehicle traffic and sits on a short loop, which allows visitors to enjoy a quiet moment as they watch the waves from the viewpoint, or take in the views of the rocky cliffs that form the local coastline.

Built in 1927, the bridge itself is a work of art by engineer Conde B. McCullough, and has been preserved and rehabilitated over the years. McCullough also designed and built several other bridges on US 101.

rocky creek bridge
Ben Jones Bridge Viewpoint. Photo by Jasperdo via Flickr CC2.

The bridge is named after Ben Jones, who is known as the father of the Roosevelt Military Coast Highway (US 101). In the early twentieth century much of the Oregon coast was inaccessible, and Ben Jones, a state representative drafted legislation that supported the building of US 101. Ben Jones was inspired by his earlier work in the area as a mail man, having to travel along primitive roads, to work towards getting a full highway built along the Oregon coast shoreline.

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