Take A Stroll Through Oregon’s Gorgeous Giant Redwood Trees

This trail near Oregon's coast takes you through a grove of giant beautiful 800 year old sequoia trees.

A man gazes upon a giant sequoia tree.

Usually when people think or talk about giant old-growth redwood trees they think of the massive Sequoia trees towering over the forest floor in California. What you may not know is that you can visit giant Sequoia trees right here in Oregon just 11 miles southeast of Brookings. Oregon's towering giant redwood trees are gorgeous and well worth a visit.

This Spectacular Day Hike Shows Off Oregon's Old-Growth Giants

Giants loom on the Oregon Redwoods Trail near Brookings Oregon. Photo by Rick Obst via Flickr CC2.

Giant redwood trees, also called Sequoia Sempervirens, grow up to 250 feet tall and up to 10 feet in diameter along the southernmost part of the Oregon coast. These towering giants shade the forest floor and grow to be a whopping 800 years old. Oregon's redwood forest sits along the Chetco River and can be accessed via a moderately challenging day hike.

The Oregon Redwoods Trail #1107 joins together with the Oregon Redwoods Barrier Free Trail #1106 to form a 1.6 mile loop. The trail is lightly trafficked and offers good chances to see wildlife.

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Hikers will find interpretive panels along the trail which tell the story of the redwood tree's life cycle and fire history.

Hiking The Oregon Redwoods Trail Near Brookings Oregon

A woman hugs an enormous tree

This trail is accessible year round. Because this is a trail for moderate skill level, it's best to make a day of it instead of trying to hurry through the hike.

  • Driving Directions To The Oregon Redwoods Trail: From Brookings on highway 101 take County Road 896 (Winchuck Rd) to Forest Road 1101. The Oregon Redwoods trailhead is at the end of Forest Road 1101.
  • Hiking The Trail: Hike the Oregon Redwoods Barrier Free Trail #1106 for approximately 500 feet to the beginning of Oregon Redwoods Trail #1107. Note that Trail #1106 is half a mile and easier for hiking. Trail #1107 has roots in the trail and steep inclines and is for hikers with a moderate skill level.
  • Trail Info: No water is available at the trailhead, so bring all the water you need for your hike. Surface water will need to be treated first. Check the weather forecast before you visit and go prepared for bad weather. Bring all the food, gas and other supplies you'll need. Tell others where you're going and when you plan to return. Note that hiking and exploring is an at-your-own-risk activity.
  • Get more info on the Oregon Redwood's Trail here and check to see that the trail is open before you head out to hike it.
Photo by Rick Obst via Flickr CC2.

When hiking in Oregon please follow the seven principles of Leave No Trace so we can keep our wild areas open for public use, and pristine and beautiful for future generations.

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