Depoe Bay Voted “Best Harbor in the US 2020”

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Entrance To The Harbor in Depoe Bay. Photo by Steve Guttman NYC via Flickr CC2.

Coming in at only 6 square acres, Depoe Bay, Oregon holds the record for “smallest navigable harbor in the world”.

What the harbor lacks in size it definitely makes up for in it's picturesque scenery and the place it holds in the hearts of both residents and tourists alike. When sent out word of it's annual "Best Harbor" contest, scores of people took to social media to proclaim their love for Oregon's little coastal gem.

Depoe Bay is also considered the "Whale Watching Capital of Oregon", as nearly 25,000 gray whales come near the harbor on their yearly migration route.

A gray whale shows of it's tail. Image by Craig Hayslip / OSU Marine Mammal Institute / via Travel Oregon

Besides the harbor, surrounding scenery is gorgeous, and you'll find many a car simply parked near the seawall to watch as massive waves crash and churn below.

The power of the ocean, Deope Bay, OR. Image via Danielle Denham / thePDXphotographer

Within the harbor itself you can watch as boats come in and fishermen unload their daily catch. Sometimes this can also include getting up-close-and-personal with local wildlife, such as this curious Harbor Seal I photographed back in 2015.

A Harbor Seal inquires whether I have any fish to toss her. Image via Danielle Denham / thePDXphotographer
Depoe Bay Harbor aerial shot via Wikimedia Commons.

As travel has opened back up in the past couple of weeks, it's a great time to travel to see the Best Harbor in the US for yourself.

What do YOU love about Depoe Bay and the Oregon Coast? Share with us in the comments.

A spring bloom of pink wildflowers in Depoe Bay, Oregon, 2020. Image via Danielle Denham / thePDXphotographer