This Small Oregon Coast Town Boasts Big Views And Incredible Adventure

Thor's Well at sunset near Yachats Oregon.
Thors Well. Photo by Stefan Klopp via Flickr CC2.

Ocean geysers, tide pools teaming with sea life, dense temperate rainforests, and small town charm: is it any wonder Yachats is called the ‘gem of the Oregon coast’?  Whether you’re looking for a calming retreat or a weekend full of adventure this charming town full of art galleries, interesting shops, and stunning natural areas should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Experience The Town Of Yachats

Yachats is a charming little Oregon coast town in Lincoln County with a population of about 600 people.  The name is pronounced YAH-hots.

One of my favorite things about Yachats are the many spouting horns in the area.  A spouting horn is a small sea cave carved out by waves with a small opening at the top.  When a big wave comes in the water is forced up through the little opening causing a loud spray of water like a geyser.  You can see some examples of this in the short video above.

Some believe the Indian word Yachats means ‘at the foot of the mountain’, as Cape Perpetua rises steeply just south of Yachats.  Others believe the word Yachats comes from the native word Ya’Xaik (prounounced YAH-hike), which was the Alseas’ word for the area.

Yahats is full of art galleries and interesting shops, cute hotels and Airbnb’s, and memorable restaurants.  It’s the perfect home base for exploring the surrounding scenic areas or going on a coastal adventure.

Explore Cape Perpetua

Cape Perpetua. Photo by Charles Peterson via Flickr CC2.

Cape Perpetua towers 800 feet tall over the Pacific Ocean and is the highest viewpoint on the Oregon coast accessible by car.  Visitors enjoy the views of the stunning Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve along with the rocky shores and temperate rainforest.  This scenic area has 2,700 acres of coastal habitat set aside to be protected for its unique ecological characteristics.

If you’re up for adventure and forest bathing, check out the 26-mile trail system through the lush forested mountains.

Visit The Yachats State Recreation Area


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Just a short walk from downtown Yachats down Ocean View Road is the Yachats State Recreation Area.  This is the perfect spot to explore the tidepools teaming with sea life on calm days, to have a picnic, or to go whale watching from the viewing platform.  This park is also popular for fishing.

See The Natural Wonders Of Thor’s Well

Thor’s Well is a popular destination along the Oregon coast not far from Yachats.  Some have called it the drainpipe of the Pacific ocean, because it appears to drain the ocean away before spitting it back up violently into the air.

Thor's Well at sunset near Yachats Oregon.
Thors Well. Photo by Stefan Klopp via Flickr CC2.

This natural wonder is stunning, violent and beautiful, and should be respected.  The safest place to watch is from the viewing platform.  You will see people approaching the very edge of the well, unaware of the dangers of being swept into this 20 foot deep chasm and thrown against the razor sharp edges by unforgiving waves.

Check out the video below by Matt Cook Oregon, where he shows you some different viewpoints to capture great photos.  He has some great information about visiting:

Visit The Covered Bridge On The North Fork Of The Yachats River

North Fork Yachats River Covered Bridge. Photo by Ian Sane via Flickr CC2.

Up North Fork Yachats River Road, a rustic red covered bridge spans the river.  The bridge was built in 1938 and is only seven miles from the Pacific Ocean.  In 1989 the bridge was rehabilitated and repaired to what you see today.

It should be noted that RV’s and large trucks cannot make it across this bridge, and there is little room to turn around.  Respect all signage and respect private property.

What’s your favorite spot to visit when going to Yachats?  Share your favorite Yachats restaurant in a comment with us, and tag the friends you want to go with!

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