Fans Of The Goonies Will Recognize These Iconic Oregon Locations

From the Goonies House to Haystack Rock, and the jail where Jake Fratelli made a break for it, the Oregon coast is steeped in Goonies history.

the goonies
Astoria Oregon. Photo by Brenda Dobbs via Flickr CC2.

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The Goonies is a classic 1980s adventure movie set on the scenic Oregon coast.  This nostalgic Oregon film centers around a group of friends that find a treasure map in the attic of their house in Astoria Oregon and go on an epic adventure to find a pirate ship.  For many of us this movie was part of our childhood and brings back fond memories.  Most of the movie was filmed on Oregon’s beautiful coast, and some of the iconic sites are still easy to spot today if you know where to look.

Oregon Filming Locations For The Goonies

From an old jail to the iconic Goonie’s house, many of the filming locations from the 1985 filming of the Goonie’s still exist.  The most easily accessible location from the film you can visit today is Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach is well known and loved for its long sandy beaches, and beautiful Haystack Rock which rises up out of the ocean.  Haystack Rock is also a seasonal home to Tufted Puffins.

Remember the museum that Mikey’s dad worked at in the movie?  That’s really the Flavel House Museum in Astoria Oregon.  You can find this Museum on the corner of 8th and Duane Streets in Astoria.  This house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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At the start of The Goonies, Chunk is excitedly watching a police chase and accidentally smashes his shake against the glass of a store window.

This scene was shot at Lower Columbia Bowl which can be found today on 826 Marine Drive in Astoria Oregon.


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One of the scarier parts of The Goonies took place at the Fratelli family hideout at a fictional restaurant known as the Lighthouse Lounge.


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This building was built just for the movie at Ecola Point, which is known today as Ecola State Park.  After the filming of the movie, the building was taken down, but you can still visit the same location at Ecola State Park today.

One of the most sought-after locations for fans is Mikey’s house, where their adventure started.  For many years the homeowners of this house struggled with visitors disrespecting their property, causing damage, and clogging up their long dead-end driveway with cars.  This caused them to post no trespassing signs and to close the site to visitors altogether.  Recent reports say the no trespassing signs have been taken down and that there is now a donation box for visitors.


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If you decide to visit you must park a few blocks away and walk.  You must be respectful of the owners, the property and the neighbors, and you must obey all signage posted at the driveway and house.  The location could be closed to visitors again at any time for any reason, so be sure to look at signs at the start of the driveway to see if you’re allowed to go up.  Keep in mind this is a private residence and they’re not required to let people come onto their property to take a look.


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Another location fans long to visit is the jail where Jake Fratellie broke out and started a police chase at the start of the movie.  This jail is now the Oregon Film Museum and is a great place to visit!


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Take a look at this short video for more Goonies filming locations.  It shows many of the spots when filmed in 1985 and compares them to the same spots in 2019.

Learn more about Astoria Oregon here.

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