The Rustic Oregon Diner That Serves Up Homestyle Cooking at Its Best

Photo via Chucks Little Diner Facebook

Prairie City sounds like the name of a town straight out of Laura Ingalls Wilder novel. But few may know it’s a town right here in Oregon, just East of John Day. Situated on the edge of a grassland and surrounded by the Strawberry Mountain wilderness, the beauty of this area is undeniable.

The buildings on the main street in town appear to be frozen in time, inviting adventure and history and channeling the Wild West. Situated in the heart of the town is a gem of a restaurant called Chucks Little Diner. This place opened in 1999 with owners Chuck and Valeria and is an absolute must stop for a hearty breakfast or lunch. 

chucks little diner
Photo via Chucks Little Diner Facebook Page

The Most Golden Hash Browns You'll Find, Promise!

First we have to start off with the most important meal of the day, breakfast! Chucks may have the word “little” in their name, but their portions are huge! If you order their pancakes be ready for a pancake so large it’s practically falling off the plate. 

Or have an omelet your way, with three fluffed eggs and then filled with your choice of meats cheeses and veggies. 

chucks little diner
Stuffed omelet. Photo via Chucks Little Diner Facebook page.

Here they like to serve you hash browns, not whites! Promised to be perfectly crisp and golden. 

chucks little diner
Perfectly golden hash brown served with a homemade flaky biscuit and eggs. Photo via Chucks Little Diner Facebook page.

Guests also rave about their homemade flaky biscuits, they are the best!

To Breakfast Or To Lunch?

Chucks Little Diner is the perfect lunch stop for folks in the area hiking Strawberry Mountain. The menu offers several tasty sandwiches and burgers with super fresh ingredients. 

The Prairie City Beefer is a local favorite and includes sauteed green peppers, onions and mushrooms on roast beef with swiss cheese on a french roll. 

chucks little diner
Prairie City Beefer. Photo via Chucks Little Diner Facebook page.

If you’re into hearty soups they offer homemade! People love their vegetable beef. Thick slices of carrots, big tender beef cubes, and plenty of potato to make this a meal.

chucks little diner
Photo via Chucks Little Diner Facebook page.

A Sweet Escape

Though food to-go is always an option. Why not grab a slice of pie for dessert later? Or how about a sweet cinnamon roll to be enjoyed on the trail? Chucks Little Diner has fantastic desserts! If you can’t decide just choose both, you won't be disappointed!

chucks little diner
Chucks cinnamon roll enjoyed on a hike. Photo by Amanda S via Yelp

Dine In The Sunshine

On a pleasant day Chucks has great outdoor dining available. The patio is adorned with beautiful hanging baskets and flowers. Sit back and soak in the peace of this slow town and gaze upon the Strawberry mountain range. 

chucks little diner
Photo via Chucks Little Diner Facebook page.

If you find yourself crossing paths with quaint Eastern Oregon Prairie City, then head over to Chucks Little Diner to experience a true hometown feel. Everything you're looking for in a small town diner is here!

Hours Address and Information

  • Hours: Mon-Tue Closed / Wed-Sun 6AM - 2PM
  • Address: 142 Front St. Prairie City, OR 97869
  • Phone: (541) 820-4353
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