Discover Your Next Buried Oregon Treasure at this Unique Pirate’s Plunder

by | May 19, 2024 | Shop

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Real talk, y’all: I love a thrift store. Like, I’m kinda obsessed with thrifting, second-hand shopping, and vintage-shopping in all its forms. On any road trip I make it a point to seek out the coolest and most unique stores in the area because you never know what kind of bargains you’ll find. If this kind of thing appeals to you too, then you will absolutely love Pirate’s Plunder in Newport. Seriously, they have everything here.

Floats, Daryl Robbins Google Local

The store is equal parts collectibles, antiques, vintage pieces, artisan crafts, and souvenirs and once you step inside you’ll wish you had the whole day to explore it! You could spend an hour or two there and still not see everything. 

Funny face mugs
Funny face mugs, Scott Peterson Google Local

Pirate’s Plunder is located at the south end of town right after you cross over the bridge. And, though it doesn't look very big from the outside, on the inside it’s enormous. They have it laid out kind of like a flea market with little booths and rooms where different vendors can display their wares, so every time you turn a corner there’s a new treasure trove to discover. Here’s a woefully non-exhaustive list of the types of things you may encounter when you explore Pirate’s Plunder: geodes, glass floats, vintage dishware, books, art, taxidermy beetles, handmade local pottery, vintage toys, records, shells, collectible figurines, mushroom nightlights, steering helms, costumes, instruments, creepy clown heads, clothing, comic books, terrariums, and jewelry. 

Whale, Jeff McDonald Google Local

It’s also a great place for some photo ops because it’s located in the Aquarium Village shopping center. On the porch are a couple life-size pirates, and next door is a sculpture of a giant breaching whale next to a yellow submarine. You’ll also find those silly face-in-the-hole boards where you put your head through the hole and you’re now a pirate or a mermaid so you’re sure to get some funny shots.

dishware, Timothy Young Google Local

This fantastic store has gained a loyal legion of followers who stop by every time they’re in town and always brag about finding something new and peculiar. The next time you’re in Newport and need to kill a couple hours or are shopping for keepsakes and want to find something truly unique, head over to Pirate’s Plunder to discover your next treasure. The owner and staff are friendly and helpful, and you’ll soon be walking out with your arms piled high with your haul.

Knick knacks
Knick knacks, Big Daddy Google Local

Hours: Every day, 10:00am - 6:00pm

Address: 3145 SE Ferry Slip Rd, Newport

Phone: (541) 867-6000

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Written By Diana Flowers

Diana is a writer living in Portland with her delightful son and crotchety cat. Growing up in the area, family vacations were often to nearby destinations reachable by car. She has since expanded that love of local road trips and has been all over the great state of Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest, frequently pairing backpacking trips with exploring new towns and regions.

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