Channel Your Inner Chocoholic With A Visit To This Chocolate Shop On The Oregon Coast

Chocolate Frog

When some of us hear the words, “chocolate frog,” we instantly think of budding wizards and witches casting spells at Hogwarts. And although the chocolate frogs you’ll find at this charming candy store in Lincoln City won’t actually come to life and hop around as they did for Harry and his friends, they’re still delightfully delicious and contain their own kind of magic.

assorted chocolates
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The Chocolate Frog we get to enjoy in our non-wizarding world is a sweet shop located along Hwy 101 in Lincoln City. Here you’ll find everything you could possibly want to satisfy your sweet tooth. The confectionary treats here are a mix of made-on-site goodies, locally-sourced items, and imports from all over the U.S and Europe. 

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Established ten years ago and still run by a local couple, Ken and Leslie Hohstadt, the shop used to be located in Waldport but moved just up the road to Lincoln City in 2019. They’re currently located in the Nelscott Beach area (only a block away from another of my favorite spots in town, the Christmas Cottage). Ken and Leslie can be found at the store nearly every day and remain very committed to their local community, keeping the prices reasonable and they even have a rewards program for regular shoppers where you can earn points with every purchase to be cashed in for free candy down the road.

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truffles, Chocolate Frog facebook

Each day, they make small batch chocolates that are hand-dipped and made with imported Swiss and Belgian chocolate mixed with local ingredients. Popular items include their salted peanut butter cups, coconut haystacks, and of course the chocolate frogs that come in over a dozen different flavors. Other can’t miss items are the dark chocolate seafoam, dark chocolate pecan brittle, and their assorted truffles. The truffle selection varies by the day but you can’t go wrong with the raspberry cheesecake or lemon chiffon flavors.

chocolate display
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In addition to the sweets they make on site, they also sell other local treats from the Newport Candy Shop, so you can rest easy knowing you’re supporting local businesses no matter what you get! They also sell imported products like honeys, jams, mustards, old fashioned candies as well as organic, sugar-free varieties (Leslie is actually diabetic and is always on the hunt for good, affordable sugar-free candy).

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gummy candies
gummy candies, Lacey T. Yelp

The shop is small but cozy and absolutely jam packed with candy! Seriously, they have everything here including salt water taffy, fudge, hard candy, and all those classic products like candy cigarettes, rock candy, and jawbreakers that will evoke an instant feeling of nostalgia.

gift section
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The Chocolate Frog also serves as a gift shop selling local shirts and hoodies, coffee mugs, glassware, and one-of-a-kind gifts, toys, and souvenirs including ceramic frogs. Since it’s located right on Hwy 101, this is an easy stop even if you’re just passing through town. Trust me, you don’t want to skip this place—you’ll feel just like a kid in a candy store!


  • Friday - Sunday, 11:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday, 11:00am - 6:00pm

Address: 3521 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City

Phone: (541) 614-1243

The Chocolate Frog stands as a shining example among the numerous local businesses fostering positive change in Oregon. If you’ve got a favorite spot or business in mind, don’t hesitate to nominate them—they might just be highlighted in an upcoming feature for That Oregon Life. Be sure to stay connected with That Oregon Life on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the most remarkable destinations, attractions, and happenings in the Beaver State.