Discover a Secret Jungle Gym in the Heart of the Oregon Coast Rainforest

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Did someone say rainforest jungle gym? That's right. Hidden away in the woods just a few minutes from Lincoln City is an awesome adventure that's calling your name. You might think that a jungle gym is just for kids, but then again, you've probably never seen this piece of gorgeous jungle art dangling from towering coastal spruce. We write about Salishan Coastal Lodge a lot, mainly because we love it for the peaceful coastal vibes, but also because of the stellar aerial course with ziplines and enough aerial elements to make any adventure enthusiast's heart race with excitement. The aerial course at Salishan is one of those Oregon coast adventures you wont want to miss.

Start Your Adventure At The Salishan Aerial Course By Ziplining Over A Lake!

A person ziplines across a small lake surrounded by trees at Salishan Aerial Park.
Photo via the Salishan website.

Your treetop adventure starts before you even get into the aerial park with a zip down a 400 foot zipline. After an orientation with trained aerial guides and a little nature hike to the course, you'll hook up to a 400 foot zipline that goes across Salishan Lake. We really can't think of a better way to kick off an Oregon coast excursion than that!

How fast will I be going when I'm on the zipline at the Salishan Aerial Park? Thrill seekers will reach between eighteen and twenty miles an hour!

After your tree-top adventure at the course is over about an hour later, you'll have another exhilarating moment as you zipline out of the park, back across the lake.

Bridges, Planks, And Barrels At The Aerial Park

The aerial park at Salishan Coastal Lodge.

The park features 18 wooden platforms high up in the trees, and 22 fun elements to navigate when moving from platform to platform. From a crows nest that looks out into the rain forest, to v-ropes, cargo nets and an egress bridge, growing bored at the aerial park isn't an option.

People cross a bridge made of upturned wine barrels high up in the trees at Salishan Aerial Park.

One of the best parts of visiting is that this is an at-your-own-pace adventure! You don't have to cover every element in the course, and can choose your own path.

Platforms, bridges, and aerial elements in towering coastal spruce trees at Salishan Aerial Park.
Photo via the Salishan website.

How long will my experience at the aerial park at Salishan Coastal Lodge last? From gearing up and getting your orientation, to ziplining and navigating the course, you can expect your adventure to last from two and a half to three hours. The time you'll get at the course itself to have fun up in the treetops is about an hour.

Check out this map of elements at the aerial course:

A green and black map of the aerial park at Salishan, detailing aerial elements and challenges for adventure seekers to navigate.
Photo via the Salishan website.

With hanging platforms, upturned barrels for you to cross, uneven planks, and even lily pads, this is one coast adventure you won't soon forget. We're going to bet that once you've been here, you'll want to come back again next year and the year after that.

Salishan Aerial Park Information

Salishan Aerial Park platforms in Gleneden Beach

There are some key things to know about the aerial park at Salishan before you plan your trip. The first thing is that there's a minimum age of eight years old with no exceptions. Children eight to twelve will have to have an adult on-course to supervise with a 1:1 ratio, while teens can have this adventure all on their own.

Two people on the ground wearing helmets, and one person wearing a helmet navigating an aerial course obstacle up in the trees at the Salishan Aerial Park.
Photo via the Adventure Collective website.

Is there a weight limit at the aerial park? Yes. There's a minimum weight requirement of sixty pounds, and a maximum weight limit of 275 pounds at the Salishan Aerial Park.

People standing on a wooden platform in the trees and crossing a wooden bridge.

You'll need to prepare yourself for your adventure by wearing appropriate clothing. Closed-toe shoes and full-finger gloves are a requirement (bring your own gloves or purchase some there). You should also check the weather forecast and dress for the weather, as the park operates rain or shine. Because the park is located on the Oregon coast, you should always bring clothes for inclement weather, even if the forecast doesn't call for it. On the coast, weather can change suddenly and without warning no matter what time of year.

Salishan Aerial Park in Gleneden Beach near Lincoln City.

Do I have to stay at Salishan Coastal Lodge to use the aerial park? The Aerial Park is operated independently by The Adventure Collective. Book your Aerial Park Adventure with the Adventure Collective here.

Learn more about Salishan Coastal Lodge and all the reasons to make it your home base for coastal adventure here.

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Written By Jessica Tomlinson

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