Sweetening the Oregon Coast: A Visit to Cranberry Sweets & More

cranberry sweets
Historic Bandon location

Bandon Oregon may be known for a lot of things, but few may know that Bandon happens to be the cranberry capital of the state. While that is a pretty cool fact, what use do we have for cranberries other than a tart juice? That was the question Clifford Shaw asked themselves when thinking of a way to cash in on the local bountiful crop. It was at about that time in 1974 when Shaw purchased a candy recipe from a local resident that captured the unique cranberry tang, and shortly after that Cranberry Sweets & More was born. 

cranberry sweets
Photo by Aivar Ruukel via Flickr CC2

Located in the historic old town of Bandon you will find a candy shop that has grown in popularity and wildly expanded operations from the days of the original cranberry candy recipes. 

cranberry sweets
Classic Cranberry Candy. Photo via Cranberry Sweets & More Facebook

What You Will Find At Cranberry Sweets & More

Upon entering the store your senses will be struck with the sweet smell of chocolate followed by wall to wall display of delicious treats.

cranberry sweets
Case of tasty chocolate treats. Photo by Ian S via Yelp

Today they hand make in small batches everything from their classic jelly candies to brittles and toffee, condiments, jams, cookies, fudges, chocolates and they even expanded into a popcorn factory.

Popcorn Lovers Listen Up!

In 2014 they began to make their own caramel corn and found it was a quick success. By 2015 they expanded their popcorn operation and were then able to produce larger quantities and far more fun flavors.

With over 30 varieties of popcorn to choose from it’s hard to decide between their most popular caramel corn or something savory like their jalapeno cheddar.

Other honorable mentions include their Deschutes stoute and pretzel corn and their salted caramel cheesecake. 

cranberry sweets
Photo via Cranberry Sweets and More Facebook

More Delicious Treats

Check out their caramel apples, all 2lbs worth of caramel, nutty, chocolaty goodness!

cranberry sweets
2 lb Granny Smith caramel and chocolate covered apple. Photo via Cranberry Sweets & More Facebook

Or how about these slow smoked sea salt caramels in dark chocolate, perfect for gifting as well!

cranberry sweets
Smoked sea salt chocolate. Photo via Cranberry Sweets & More Facebook

Sweet Samples

When visiting the candy shop be sure to try anything that looks tasty! At Cranberry Sweets and More they are known to have a large stock of samples to test out, or even take home with you.

cranberry sweets
Exterior of Coos Bay Location. Photo via Cranberry Sweets & More Facebook

With two Oregon Coast locations, Bandon and Coos Bay, you will have no excuse to pass this place by. If you can’t make it out to the coast you can also shop through their website. Gift wrapping, packaging and gift messages are always free online and in the store. 

Store Hours And Info

  • Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-5PM
    • Address: 280 1st St. SE Bandon, OR 97411 / 1005 Newmark Ave. Coos Bay, OR 97420
    • Phone: Bandon: (541) 347-9475 / Coos Bay: (541) 888-9824
    • Website
    • Social Media

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