Oregon’s Multnomah Falls Ranks as Most Photogenic Waterfall in The USA

A stunning autumn shot of Multnomah Falls, courtesy of Bonnie Moreland

It seems that Multnomah Falls isn’t just catching the attention of travelers and nature enthusiasts. It’s now Instagram’s darling!

This spellbinding waterfall in Oregon has ascended to the zenith of a roster highlighting the top 30 Instagram-worthy waterfalls in the US. This intriguing list was fashioned by the online platform, Mr. Gamble, a site mainly focused on online casinos. Now, you might wonder, “Waterfalls and poker? How do they blend?” They typically wouldn’t, but in today’s digital age, platforms are diversifying their content, offering insights ranging from gardening secrets to travel treasures. Sometimes, this unexpected mix creates a captivating read.

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multnomah falls
Photo by Danielle Denham / That Oregon Life

With a whopping 285,337 tags, Multnomah Falls has clearly drenched its competitors, reigning supreme on Instagram. This nature’s wonder magnetizes photographers, globetrotters, and trail enthusiasts alike. It’s no exaggeration when the U.S. Forest Service claims it to be the “crown jewel of nature sites” in the Pacific Northwest, boasting around 2 million annual footfalls.

Considering its overwhelming popularity, if you’re planning to soak in its beauty between Memorial Day and Labor Day, remember to snag a timed entry permit. And if you’re eco-conscious and wish to reduce the carbon footprint, there’s an array of car-free transit options awaiting you.

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But Wait, There’s More… Silver Falls State Park!

Not far behind in this Instagram race is Silver Falls State Park, nestled near Silverton, securing a respectable 8th position. This verdant paradise unfolds a tapestry of ten distinct waterfalls, each having its own allure. However, a word to the wise – tread cautiously, especially during the rains. Some trails can indeed challenge your hiking prowess. And if you’re thinking of bringing your furry companion along, note that most of the trails have a no-dog policy, prioritizing safety.

But these minor constraints haven’t deterred the Instagram aficionados! The park’s enchanting cascades have graced Instagram snapshots over 97,000 times.

The park has witnessed a footfall of over a million nature lovers annually. In a bid to enhance the visitor experience, recent additions include an ADA-friendly trail offering panoramic waterfall vistas. And for those itching for a thrilling escapade, brace yourself to ascend one of the towering 300-foot Douglas firs. All you need is to book a session, and a seasoned guide will ensure you experience the majesty of Oregon’s ancient arboreal wonders, as eloquently put by Vickie Connor of The Oregonian’s Peak Northwest travel series.

Source: The Oregonian

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