Find Your Wings and Join the Glass Bird Treasure Hunt in Salem

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Pamela Garland @salemseekers / Instagram

Who doesn't love a good treasure hunt?

Salem, Oregon, renowned for its community spirit and vibrant outdoor spaces, is set to unveil an exciting adventure for treasure hunters of all ages. Following in the footsteps of Lincoln City's beloved glass floats, Salem Seekers will introduce their own thrilling quest: the search for 120 meticulously hand-blown glass birds hidden across various parks in the city, commencing from June 1, 2023.

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Pamela Garland, the visionary behind Salem Seekers, is dedicated to fostering a sense of camaraderie among neighbors and breaking down barriers to outdoor recreation. "I simply wanted to create an event that would entice people to venture out and relish in the beauty of our local parks, rekindling the love and joy that they exude," Garland expressed to the Statesman Journal. "Certain areas have unfortunately become less frequented over time, and my aim is to restore their allure. Some individuals may have grown hesitant to explore these spaces, but by drawing more people into our parks, we can dispel those fears and revive a true sense of community, brightness, and amusement."

After all, Oregon's State Motto is "Alis Volat Propiis": She Flies With Her Own Wings.

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The inspiration for Salem Seekers stems from the remarkable success of Lincoln City's tradition of scattering thousands of glass floats along its breathtaking beaches. Garland endeavors to replicate this enchanting experience within the Salem community, introducing individuals to new parks and fostering connections among neighbors. Additionally, by rotating the locations of the treasure hunt throughout various parts of the city, the event becomes easily accessible to individuals who may not be able to travel great distances.

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Salem boasts an impressive array of parks, comprising 90 distinct options, including neighborhood, community, urban, and undeveloped parks. For the inaugural year of Salem Seekers, four parks have been selected, with the intention to expand the project in the future. The park names will be announced on Salem Seekers' Facebook page at the beginning of each month, ensuring excitement and anticipation for the upcoming hunt.

Spring in Salem Oregon. Photo by Oregon Department of Transportation via Flickr CC2.

Beginning on June 1, the treasure hunt will commence at Weathers Street Park in east Salem, followed by Woodmansee Park in South Salem for July, Orchard Heights Park in August, and Northgate Park in September. To offer equal opportunities to treasure seekers, 30 expertly crafted glass birds, courtesy of Glass Art Oregon, will be subtly concealed within each park over the course of the month. Garland assures participants that the birds will be ingeniously hidden in plain sight, adding an element of challenge and delight to the adventure. Each glass bird will feature a unique QR code, encouraging participants to share their exciting discoveries and experiences with others.

To bring this vision to life, Garland collaborated with the Salem Leadership Foundation, securing the necessary funds for the project. Thanks to the generous contributions of four local community groups, the cost for each park was reduced to $405. The city administration is actively supporting Salem Seekers in promoting this remarkable initiative.

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The response to the treasure hunt has already exceeded expectations, with an overwhelming wave of positivity from the community. "Spending all our time indoors inhibits our ability to forge the connections we truly desire," Garland shared. "It's crucial to be mindful and step outside our homes, embracing places that facilitate genuine human interaction. By hosting an inclusive, cost-free event like this, we hope to encourage people to create more of those invaluable connections."

Prepare for an unforgettable summer as Salem's parks transform into a wonderland of hidden treasures. Join Salem Seekers on their quest, and together let's revel in the beauty of nature, the joy of exploration, and the bonds that unite us all.

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