Weird Oregon

Unraveling the Mystery: Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters in Oregon

There have been 258 credible sightings in Oregon, though people have been describing the hairy man of the wild for centuries. Check out these sightings and weird squatch facts.

Oregon’s Bigfoot Museum Boasts the Largest Collection of Bigfoot Artifacts Worldwide

Some people have reported Bigfoot as having glowing red eyes, or that it can turn invisible making it elusive and hard to see or catch. At one point, even the FBI investigated bigfoot.

Enjoy All-Day Breakfast at this Charming Diner in Oregon, Where the Coffee Is Always Fresh

It's a melting pot, a people watching spot, and one of those really special places with comfort food so good that patrons have been coming back for 46 years.

The Oregon Country Fair is a Summer Event Unlike Any Other

Entrance to the fair, photo by Rick Obst Flickr Inevitably, when I mention the Oregon Country Fair to anyone not familiar with it, they think I misspoke and meant to say county fair. No, you will not find a Tilt-A-Whirl, pie-making contest, or young 4-Hers showing off their prized sow here. The...

The Mt. Hood Skiway Was a Flying Bus Trolley and an Epic Failure

(This article was partially reproduced with full permission via Creative Commons from Offbeat Oregon. We love their site...give them a browse sometime.) If the idea of cable car service to Mt. Hood's historic Timberline Lodge strikes you as a not particularly bad one, you’re not alone. The lodge...