Sasquatch Returns: Oregon’s Bigfoot Festival Is Back For 2018

Photo: Max Whittaker/Prime, Special To The Chronicle

There is nothing fake about Bigfoot. Everyone in Oregon has seen Bigfoot, or knows someone who has.

Everbody except you. And now your’s chance.

Three in 10 Americans believe Bigfoot is real, and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization reports most Bigfoot sightings are in the Pacific Northwest and the West Coast. Did you know in 1972 there was a Bigfoot hotline? You could dial BIG-FOOT (244-3668) in Portland to report sightings of Sasquatch. A reporter from The Oregonian was curious about the state of the search for Bigfoot in 2015, and attempted calling the phone number using the now-required 503 area code. He even sent his business card and a note to the address. A week later, his snail mail landed back on his desk. “Return to sender,” the U.S. Postal Service stamp read. “Insufficient address.”


While the Bigfoot Hotline may not still be working today, that’s not enough to stop the believers. This Bigfoot-themed festival is happening Saturday, August 18, 2018 and it’s going to kick ass. As described by the Oregon Bigfoot Festival Facebook page, they are keepin’ it squatchy, and the festival will include Bigfoot exhibits, food carts, merchandise vendors, carnival-style games and more.

In addition, Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, co-host Cliff Barackman will speak at the festival’s conference (tickets are available at

According to their website, The Oregon Bigfoot Festival will be happening at the beautiful Glenn Otto Park, in Troutdale Oregon. The festival admission is definitely a bargain only $5 suggested donation for adults and $2 kids 12 and under. The conference is additional and requires a ticket. Head over to Oregon Bigfoot Festival to read more!

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