The Little Pink House That Serves Up Some Of The Best Breakfast In All Of Oregon

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There are a lot of hum drum places you can go to grab a quick breakfast if you're in a hurry, and then there are a few standout spots that really blow you away with the love and attention paid to the food. We all have a favorite place like that where we're willing to return again and again because the vibe is just right, the people are friendly, and the food is just that good. If you don't have a favorite breakfast spot like that, then I'd like to introduce you to the Pink House Café in Independence, Oregon. The cute pink house alone is enough to draw people in, but it's the fresh food bursting with flavor and made with love that make people want to stay.

There's Something Special About The Pink House Café In Independence, Oregon

The outside of the Pink House Café. The restaurant is a cute little pink house with white pillars and white porch railing. It has a sharply pitched roof.
Photo by Pink House Café via Google Local.

The Pink House Café serves up amazing food all day long, including delicious sandwiches, burgers, ravioli, ribs and salads for lunch and dinner. You won't be sorry if you show up in the afternoon or evening for a meal with friends or family. It's breakfast that makes this little pink house truly shine however.

When you see fresh blueberry scones with a delicate lemon glaze coming out of the kitchen, you'll think, 'I really want to try that'.

A blueberry scone with lemon glaze.
Blueberry scone with lemon glaze. Photo by Chris C. via Yelp.

Then you'll see a plate of French toast made with fresh Challan bread with raisins pass you by and you'll change your mind and want to order that instead.

French toast made with fresh baked bread and served with fresh fruit.
French toast made with fresh baked bread and served with fresh fruit. Photo via Pink House Café Facebook page.

Or perhaps you'll smell homemade apple strudel and decide that you're going to have to try a little bit of everything, because every single breakfast item coming out of the kitchen looks and smells amazing.

Fried eggs, toast, bacon, blueberries and other fruit on a plate. It looks delicious!
Photo by Shannon L. via Yelp.

If you're looking for something sweet, hot and delicious to start off your day, Pink House Café has you covered. They've also got your back if you're in the mood for a savory breakfast cooked with love and packed with flavor.

Biscuits and gravy.
Biscuits and gravy. Photo by Melisa G. via Yelp.

We recommend trying the bacon, cheddar and chive frittata with a side of pan fried potatoes and toast. It's simply delicious. A frittata is an egg based dish from Italy that's similar to scrambled eggs or an omelet.

A delicious looking sandwich made out of a croissant, eggs and meat. There is fruit on the plate next to it.
Photo by the Pink House Café via Google Local.

The breakfast croissant with bacon or ham, scrambled egg and swiss cheese is also melt in your mouth delicious. It's served up with fresh fruit as are many breakfast dishes here.

Veggie scramble with fried pan potatoes and toast. Photo via Pink House Café Facebook page.

While you'll find the classics like eggs and bacon here, you'll also find dishes that will take your taste buds on an adventure if you're feeling like trying something fun and different. The hummus curry vegetarian scramble has spinach, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, tomato, shredded carrot and lettuce and is served with pan fried potatoes.

A delicious looking meal.
Crab and veggie stir fry. Photo by Allison P. via Yelp.

Check out the full menu here to get a sense of all the tasty and delicious things on offer at Pink House Café, and don't forget to stop by for lunch and dinner as well. Everything here is made with love and packed with flavor.

Pink House Café Independence, Oregon Information

The covered porch of the Pink House Cafe.
Photo by Sally Painter via Google Local.
Vegetarian lasagna.
Vegetarian Lasagna. Photo by Lisa M. via Yelp.

The Pink House Café stands as a shining example of local businesses that we love in Oregon. If you’ve got a favorite spot or business in mind, don’t hesitate to nominate them—they might just be highlighted in an upcoming feature for That Oregon Life. Be sure to stay connected with That Oregon Life on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on remarkable destinations, attractions, and happenings in the Beaver State.