The Art of the Omelete Has Been Perfected at This Cozy Oregon Cafe

Sybil's sign

If the word “omelette” is in the name of your restaurant and proudly featured on the sign out front, you better be able to deliver on what you advertise. Not to worry, dear reader, because Sybil’s has done just that with their 109—yes, 109—different types of omelets you can choose from. There’s no way you won’t find a combo you like. 

Avo, sour cream, salsa omelete
Avo, sour cream, salsa omelete, Sybil's facebook

All of the omelets at Sybil’s are made with three eggs locally sourced from Willamette Egg Farms, and each plate comes with hashbrowns (nice and crispy, never soggy) or fruit and your choice of a homemade muffin, toast, or a biscuit. You can seriously get anything you want in you omelet whether you like chorizo, pepper jack cheese, salsa & sour cream (#43); crab, mushroom & jack cheese (#87); bacon, ham, sausage, cheddar & gravy (#106); or Sybil’s Signature Omelette made with spinach, zucchini, mushrooms and cheddar cheese topped with Hollandaise sauce. 

omelete with biscuit
omelete with biscuit, JoDee Hunter Google Local

Although Sybil’s is known for their omelets (hence the name), they also have other fantastic menu items like their biscuits and gravy, chicken fried steak, french toast, or eggs benedict. And though breakfast is the star here, they also have a small lunch menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Plus, anything you order from the kitchen will be massive so you won’t leave hungry.

eggs bennie
eggs bennie, Michael White Google Local

Sybil’s is coming up on their 42nd anniversary so you know they’re doing something right to be in business that long. The restaurant was first opened back in 1982 by Dr. Wolfram F. Gottschalk, but when he passed away in 2011 it was handed over to Gottschalk’s wife, Dorothee, who’s still is large and in charge today. Right when you walk into Sybil’ls you’ll be greeted with a smile, and you can tell it's a great place to work because you’ll see waitresses that have been there for 10 or 20 years! The restaurant is also very connected to the community and sees their role as more than just a place to eat. They frequently run toy drives, food drives, and fundraisers for local organizations and their motto is “come as a stranger, leave as a friend.” 

cheeseburger and fries
cheeseburger and fries, Sybil's facebook

The bespectacled chicken you see on the huge sign out front is Sybil herself and has become the well-known mascot with her polka-dot apron and wooden spoon, ready to serve up some of the best omelets in town. They even sell Sybil’s merchandise for those die-hard fans so you can rock a Sybil’s t-shirt, hat, mug, or tote bag.

sandwich and salad
sandwich and salad, Akitomo Matsubayashi Google Local

The dining room is warm and inviting with its wood-vaulted ceiling, Americana art on the walls, and collection of stuffed chickens adorned with their very own Sybil’s t-shirts. It’s almost always packed with customers, but you usually won’t have to wait long because the wait staff and kitchen are so efficient.

the chicks
the chicks, Sybil's facebook
  • Monday - Saturday, 6:00am - 2:00pm
  • Sunday: 7:00am - 2:30pm


Address: 2373 State St, Salem

Phone: (503) 581-7724