15 Oregon Police Cars Torched in Overnight Fire

portland police vehicles arson

Portland, Oregon, has been grappling with increasing disorder in recent years, a narrative underscored by a recent incident at a northeastern police training facility. In the early hours of Thursday morning, a deliberate act of arson resulted in at least 15 police cars being set ablaze, as confirmed by local authorities. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported.

Images capture a series of training vehicles ablaze within a secured lot in Portland, Oregon. (Portland Police Bureau)

Images captured at the site depicted the intense infernos consuming the vehicles, accompanied by dense plumes of grey smoke rising into the air. Further photos revealed the aftermath, with several police cruisers severely charred. Notably, one cruiser exhibited a large, melted hole in its hood and a collapsed headlight, while the exposed internal framework of another car highlighted the extent of the devastation. A large propane tank was also seen near two of the engulfed vehicles.


The incident took place at the Portland Police Training Division, located close to Portland International Airport and approximately 10 miles from downtown Portland. Despite the significant vehicle damage, the training facility's building itself remained unscathed. Responding at 1:55 a.m. local time, police officers and fire officials discovered the fleet of vehicles in flames within a secured lot of the complex.

A fire investigations unit, comprising members from Portland Fire and Rescue along with a Portland Police Bureau detective, has launched an inquiry into the incident, treating it as suspected arson. As of now, no suspects have been identified, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward.

This incident is not isolated in the context of recent suspected arsons on government property in Portland. Earlier in January, an investigation was initiated following fires that destroyed several pieces of city-owned heavy equipment. Although there appears to be no direct link between the January fires and this latest incident at the training facility, the proximity of the locations and the nature of the events have raised concerns.

The Portland Police Bureau has requested public assistance and is actively seeking tips through their fire investigations unit's hotline. This series of events highlights the ongoing challenges facing the city as it deals with these disruptive and destructive acts.

This incident follows closely on the heels of recent unrest at Portland State University, where protesters occupied the university library for several days. The demonstrators, opposing Israel's actions in the ongoing Gaza conflict, seized control of the library on Monday night. Throughout the week, university and city officials repeatedly warned the protesters to vacate the premises, emphasizing that they were engaging in criminal trespassing.

Portland State University President Ann Cudd announced that negotiations had been attempted using faculty intermediaries before police were sent in on Thursday morning to clear the building. The operation led to the arrest of at least two individuals amid scenes of protesters scattering through campus, some clashing with more than a dozen state troopers who arrived in riot gear.

The situation at the library underscores a broader pattern of confrontations in Portland, marked by heightened tensions and frequent stand-offs between activists and law enforcement. Much like the arson attack on the police training facility, these episodes reflect a growing discontent and raise concerns about the stability and safety of public spaces in the city.

Governor Tina Kotek has expressed concern over these disruptions, stating they contradict Oregonian values and threaten the community's well-being. With both incidents, Portland is witnessing a challenging period of civic unrest, highlighting the need for effective dialogue and resolution strategies to restore peace and order in the community.