Timberline Lodge in Oregon Could See Over 100 Inches of Snowfall This Week!

timberline lodge

In a recent revelation that's stirring excitement among winter enthusiasts, Timberline Lodge has made a thrilling announcement on Instagram, declaring the arrival of winter in a manner that resonates with everyone eagerly awaiting the season. "WINTER IS HERE!" they exclaimed, sparking anticipation for what lies ahead.

Following the recent blizzard that enveloped Oregon – a phenomenon we've extensively covered – there's a sense of renewed promise in the air. According to lodge officials, the gusty winds are expected to settle as the night progresses, paving the way for a more favorable day ahead. They've assured us that the earliest decision will be made tomorrow morning regarding the day's proceedings. For the most up-to-date information, they advise checking their conditions page, conveniently linked in their Instagram bio.

Currently, Timberline is grappling with a power outage, operating solely on generators. This update comes directly from their Conditions Report, which notes the extraordinary snowfall that has blanketed the area. "THERE IS SO MUCH SNOW, and the bounty continues!" they report. Despite these challenges, the lifts at Timberline are scheduled to run from 9 am to 4 pm, weather permitting, with the decision on Summit Pass operations to be made in the morning. The resort has recorded a staggering 8 inches of snowfall yesterday, 18 inches in the last day, and an impressive total of 56 inches in the past three days. The current base depth stands at an impressive 84 inches.

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The social media post from Timberline also highlights the day's forecast, anticipating an additional 10 to 14 inches of snow, with the possibility of 17 to 23 inches more accumulating tonight.

Given the substantial snowfall forecasted, Timberline Lodge is issuing a cautionary note to visitors. They advise everyone to be mindful of the risks associated with deep snow and stress the importance of skiing or snowboarding with a companion for safety.

Stay tuned to our blog for ongoing updates on this winter wonderland adventure at Timberline Lodge!