Is Your Goonies VHS Tape Worth $125,000? Oregon’s Iconic Film Sparks Interest!

goonies vhs

If you're on the brink of decluttering, you might want to take a moment and rummage through those old VHS collections. There's a particular gem, filmed right in our picturesque state – "The Goonies" – that's generating quite a buzz.

In today's digital age, where most films are a mere click away, it seems a tad surprising that those VHS tapes we grew up with are making a resurgence. If yours is still looking sharp, you might just be holding onto a piece of cinematic gold. But remember, while some tapes are listed for jaw-dropping prices, these are listing prices, not necessarily anything that people are going to pay.

Kodak, the trusted photography company, tells us that over time, VHS tapes naturally degrade. We're looking at about 10% to 20% loss in their footage quality over a couple of decades. However, this natural wear hasn't deterred passionate collectors scouring eBay for nostalgic pieces.

Among the pantheon of cinematic classics fetching intriguing listing prices on eBay, "The Goonies" takes the spotlight. It's listed at a whopping $125,000! And why not? Beyond its adventurous storyline, it's a nod to our Oregon heritage, a film that captures our landscapes and spirit like no other.

Though the value attached to "The Goonies" VHS is astounding, it's essential to keep in mind the distinction between a listing price and what someone might actually fork out. "E.T.", "Back to the Future", and select Disney classics are also creating a stir with their listing prices.

For those aiming to preserve their VHS copies, especially of such beloved films, here's a tidbit: Store it in a cool, dry place. Kodak advises that even with impeccable care, tapes will eventually face the inevitable deterioration.

So as you sift through your old collections, keep an eye out for that gem of a film. Because, just like the Goonies, the value of nostalgia and home-state pride never says die. Happy treasure hunting!

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