Heroic Rescue: Couple Saves Stranded Shark on Oregon’s Rockaway Beach

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Featured, News, Wildlife

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Rockaway Beach was the scene of an unexpected but heartwarming event recently. On September 12, 2023, a vacationing couple witnessed a shark struggling on the sandy shore. Without hesitation, the pair, spotting the distressed animal from their condo, raced down to the beach. Using a sizable piece of driftwood, they managed to gently roll the shark back into the embracing waves of the Pacific Ocean. The suspected species? A salmon shark. As the creature vanished amidst the frothy whitecaps, there was hope in the air that it would thrive and continue its marine journey.

Nicole Lattanzi Wood posted about the incredible event in the Facebook group Life on the Oregon Coast.

Sharks have been patrolling our world's oceans for over 400 million years. These iconic apex

predators play an essential role in maintaining the health and balance of marine ecosystems. The Oregon Coast, with its dramatic landscape and rich maritime history, is also home to a variety of shark species.

The salmon shark, as suspected by the couple in their exhilarating rescue, is one of the common species along the Pacific Northwest coastline. Characterized by their robust build, short snout, and large eyes, salmon sharks are part of the Lamnidae family, which also includes the famed great white shark. As their name suggests, they predominantly feed on salmon, especially when the fish are returning to their natal rivers to spawn.

Visitors and locals alike can sometimes spot these creatures from the Oregon Coast, particularly during the summer months when warmer waters bring several species closer to shore. Apart from salmon sharks, other species such as the great white shark, thresher shark, and Pacific sleeper shark also frequent these waters.

But with fascination also comes responsibility. Every year, several sharks get stranded on beaches worldwide. While some of these stranding events are due to natural reasons, others result from human interference, including fishing activities, pollution, and habitat destruction. Rescues like the one at Rockaway Beach are crucial in lending a helping hand to these incredible marine creatures. However, the general public should always approach any stranded animal with caution, prioritizing personal safety and the well-being of the animal.

Size comparison of a salmon shark (top) to its cousin, the great white shark (bottom). Wikimedia Commons, The Nature Box

The Oregon Coast, with its stunning beauty and rich biodiversity, serves as a poignant reminder of nature’s wonders. While the tale of the shark rescue might be a small episode in the vast tapestry of marine life, it reinforces the connection humans share with the natural world. And for one particular salmon shark, Rockaway Beach will always be a place of salvation. 🦈

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Written By Danielle Denham

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