Oregon Coast Chowder Roundup: 6 Spots That Serve The Best Clam Chowder

Fresh hot clam chowder in a homemade bread bowl on a breezy day at the Oregon coast? Sounds like the best day ever! Which of these spots is your favorite?

A bread bowl full of thick clam chowder at The Hungry Clam.

Scenic and rugged coastline, kite festivals, artisan glass float hunts, salt water taffy, cute shops and mouth watering fresh seafood make the Oregon coast a spectacular place to visit at any time of year.

Where To Find The Best Clam Chowder in Oregon

One of our favorite reasons to visit the Oregon coast is for delicious fresh clam chowder. There are awesome clam chowder houses up and down the Oregon coast, and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you in this Oregon coast chowder roundup.

Mo's Seafood & Chowder (Original) In Newport, Oregon

The front of Mo's original restaurant in Newport, Oregon in the daytime.
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.

Mo's has been serving locals, celebrities and tourists in Newport, Oregon for 77 years.  Their fresh New England style clam chowder with bacon in a fresh baked bread bowl will keep you coming back again and again for another taste. When Senator Robert Kennedy came through on a campaign tour in 1968, he liked the clam chowder so much that he took a couple extra quarts of it with him when he left and invited Mo to go with him on his trip to Los Angeles!

Mo's Seafood And Chowder House Information

Clam chowder spilling out of a fresh bread bowl at Mo's
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.
  • Location: 622 SW Bay Blvd in Newport, Oregon
  • Hours: 11 AM - 8 PM Daily
  • Website: Get more information at the Mo's website and Facebook page.

Fish And Chips Chowder House (Bandon Fish Market) In Bandon, Oregon

The Bandon Fish Market on the Oregon coast
Bandon Fish Market in old town Bandon Oregon. Photo by Jasperdo via Flickr CC2.

Bandon Fish Market is known for it's Pacific Alder Smoked Salmon Chowder and fish and chips.  This fresh fish market also serves up New England Style clam chowder, though the local favorite is the Pacific Alder smoked salmon chowder served in a sour dough bread bowl. If you want chowder, it's important to get to the fish market early in the day before it all sells out!

Fish And Chips Chowder House Information

Fresh hot salmon chowder in a sour dough bread bowl at the Bandon Fish Market in Oregon.
Smoked Salmon Chowder. Photo via the Bandon Fish Market Facebook.

Gracie's Sea Hag In Depoe Bay, Oregon

gracies sea hag
Gracie's Sea Hag / Facebook

Gracie's promises seafood so fresh that the ocean hasn't missed it yet.  The clam chowder at Gracie's was voted #1 on the Oregon coast by Willamette Weekly and was also written up in the New York Times cookbook!

Gracie's Sea Hag Information

clam chowder oregon coast

  • Location: 58 US-101 in Depoe Bay, Oregon
  • Hours:
    • Sunday - Thursday: 8 AM - 8 PM
    • Friday - Saturday: 8 AM - 9 PM
  • Website: Get more information on the Gracie's Sea Hag website.

South Beach Fish Market In Newport, Oregon


You might not suspect that great things are hiding inside this unsuspecting blue shack on the Oregon coast, but inside you'll find some truly exceptional fresh seafood and clam chowder. From crab burgers to a huge bowl of crispy fries and of course the clam chowder, you won't be sorry you stopped in to see what the South Beach Fish Market has to offer.

South Beach Fish Market Information

Stephen Parra / Facebook
  • Location: 3640 S Coast Hwy in South Beach, Oregon
  • Hours: 7 AM - 7 PM daily (hours may differ in summer)
  • Website: Get more information at the South Beach Fish Market website.

The Hungry Clam In Brookings, Oregon

The Hungry Clam

The Hungry Clam has won the Best Seafood Award in Curry County for five years and has also been listed as on of the top three best seafood restaurants in Oregon by Coastal Magazine. Thick delicious clam chowder in a bread bowl along with halibut bites, crab cakes and other mouth watering seafood make this a must stop spot when in Brookings.

The Hungry Clam Information

A crispy bread bowl full of thick clam chowder at The Hungry Clam. This dish looks really good. It's in a basket with red and white checkered paper.

  • Location: 16350 Lower Harbor Rd in Brookings, Oregon
  • Hours:
    • Monday - Tuesday: 11 AM - 7 PM
    • Wednesday: 11 AM - 9 PM
    • Thursday - Saturday: 11 AM - 7 PM
    • Sunday: 11 AM - 8 PM
  • Website: Get more information on The Hungry Clam Facebook page.

Bridgewater Ocean Fresh Fish House in Florence, Oregon

Bridgewater provides ocean fresh seafood and signature dishes that fit for a quiet evening out, family gathering or a business party, and has earned some rave reviews on their chowder.

Bridgewater Ocean Fresh Fish House is located in the heart of old town Florence. When visiting you'll find the freshest seafood, beef, chicken, salads, pizzas, pastas & vegetarian dishes along with a huge wine list and selection of draft beer.

Bridgewater Information

Crab melt & clam chowder (Tripadvisor)
  • Location: 1297 Bay Street in Florence, Oregon
  • Hours: Open Wednesday - Sunday at 11 AM. Closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Website: Get more information on the Bridgewater website.

Have you been to any of these hot clam chowder spots on the Oregon coast? Which one is your favorite? Is there a great place to get clam chowder in Oregon that we missed? Let us know in a comment and tag the friends and family you want to go with! Share your clam chowder pics from these spots with us on Facebook!