Get A Bowl Of World Famous Clam Chowder At This Newport, Oregon Restaurant

Serving locals, visitors, and celebrities alike for the past 77 years, Mo's and the world famous clam chowder served there have become a Newport, Oregon institution. It's not a real trip to Newport unless you stop in at Mo's for fresh mouthwatering seafood!

The front of Mo's original restaurant in Newport, Oregon in the daytime.
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.

Just a year after World War II ended in 1946, Mohava Marie Niemi (Mo) and her friend Freddy opened a restaurant called Freddie & Mo's on the waterfront in Newport, Oregon. Ever since that day Mo's has been a Newport institution and has drawn in hungry visitors from around the world including celebrities and presidential candidates like Senator Robert Kennedy. With delicious clam chowder, great service and a friendly atmosphere, it's easy to see why Mo's has been a local favorite for the last 77 years.

Mo's World Famous Clam Chowder In Newport, Oregon

A black and white photo of Mo and a man and woman outside of the original Freddy and Mo's restaurant in Newport, Oregon.
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.

Mo's has always been a family owned and operated restaurant. When you go in to grab a bowl of hot clam chowder you might see Mo's great great grandchildren serving you and running the restaurant.


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It's because it's family owned and operated that Mo's has stayed true to the origins of delicious fresh seafood and clam chowder.

Fish tacos at Mo's in Newport, Oregon. They look tasty.
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.

Mo's is so popular that it's not uncommon to have to wait in line just to get inside.

Fresh seafood in a lemon sauce with lemons. The bowl of food is bright and colorful. At Mo's in Newport, Oregon.
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.

Mo's serves a variety of great dishes including shrimp artichoke dip served with sour dough bread, homemade onion rings, baked oysters, deep fried shrimp, salads, chili, stew, fish and chips and seafood alfredo.


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The thing that keeps people coming back again and again however is the clam chowder. Mo's clam chowder is New England style with bacon in a sourdough cannonball bowl. It's hot, fresh, and delicious.

Clam chowder spilling out of a fresh bread bowl at Mo's
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.

When Senator Robert Kennedy came through and ate at Mo's in 1968 he liked the clam chowder so much that he took a few extra quarts of it with him on the plane and invited Mo to join him on his trip to Los Angeles.

A black and white photo of Robert Kennedy at Mo's restaurant in 1968.
Robert Kennedy stops at Mo's in 1968 on his presidential tour. Photo by Pacific Studio via the Mo's website.

Check out the full original Mo's menu here.

Original Mo's In Newport, Oregon Information

A black and white photo of Mo.
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.
  • Location: 622 SW Bay Blvd. in Newport, Oregon
  • Hours: 11 AM - 8 PM daily
  • Website: Get more information at the Mo's website, and stay up to date with the latest Mo's news on their Facebook page and Instagram.
A plate of food with lemon and shrimp from Mo's in Newport, Oregon
Photo via Mo's Facebook page.

Mo's also has two other locations. You can visit Mo's Annex at 657 SW Bay Blvd. in Newport, Oregon, or you can visit Mo's West at 921 1st St in Otter Rock, Oregon by Devil's Punchbowl.

Inside Devil's punchbowl at low tide.
Devil's Punchbowl at Low Tide. Photo by Oregon Marine Reserves via Flickr CC2.

Have you ever eaten at Mo's in Newport, Oregon? What's your favorite dish to get there? Tag the friends and family you want to go to Mo's in Newport with!