Filbert The Beaver at the Oregon Zoo Calls For An Early Spring

filbert the beaver
Filbert the beaver at work. © Oregon Zoo / video still frame by Michael Durham

Born in 2011, Filbert the Beaver at the Oregon Zoo,  is calling for an early spring in 2022.

“Groundhogs like Punxsutawney Phil are fine for their part of the country,” said zookeeper Christina Parr. “Here in the Northwest, though, we are beaver believers.”

The adorable beaver, also known as Stumptown Fil, predicted warmer weather on the way, as posted by the zoo’s Twitter account. His first weather prediction goes back to 2020 when he predicted an early spring, only to have been met with snow and ice that March. While his predictions may not be all that accurate, Parr mentioned he does do a good job helping Oregonians connect with one of our most iconic and misunderstood animals.