Finders Keepers 2022: More Glass Floats Scheduled To Drop in Lincoln City

finders keepers
Image courtesy of Explore Lincoln City

You saw us announce the Lincoln City inaugural Opening Day earlier this month. As much as you wanted to go find yourself a beautiful float on the beach, sadly you just weren't able to fit it in with your busy schedule. But don't worry sad beach hunter, because Finders Keepers in Lincoln City just announced their 2022 schedule which includes 15 more "special drops".

The beautiful floats will be dropped off on beaches from Cutler City to Road's End, in addition to the regular float drops that occur daily, excluding days that are deemed dangerous with high tides. You will find these beaches in Lincoln City, Oregon, a popular spot on the Oregon Coast.

finders keepers
Image courtesy of Explore Lincoln City

Explore Lincoln City, which is behind the Finders Keepers event, is a tourism organization that places around 3,000 floats on Lincoln City's beautiful beaches annually. In 2018, they decided to make the event a yearly thing with a full calendar of special drops in addition to the daily drops. Aside from the global health threat in 2020, the popular treasure hunt has still gone on every year. Their "float fairies" drop them in visible locations between the high tide line and the beach embankment, and are meant to be found easily by any lucky soul who happens to stumble upon them.

Next Big Drop For Finders Keepers

So if you're ready to head out and hunt Japanese floats, the next big drop is scheduled for Antique Week, which includes at least 100 floats being placed along the seven miles of beach in Lincoln City, right before Valentine's Day, Feb. 12 through the 21st. Hit the link here for instructions on how to register the float if you find one. This helps Explore Lincoln City know that each float was found successfully.

Finders Keepers “special drop” scheduled for 2022:

Jan. 8-9 – Opening Weekend: 100 floats (Note this date change, due to king tides on Jan 1-3)

Feb. 12-21­ – Antique week: 100 Japanese antique floats

Feb. 12-14 – Valentine’s Day: 50 Red/pink/white floats

March 19-April 3 – Spring break: 200 floats

April 22-24 – Earth Day: 50 Earth Day floats

May 7-9 – Mother’s Day: 50 floats

May 28-30 – Memorial Day: 50 Red/white/blue floats

June 25-26 ­– Summer Kite: 10 Hope floats

June TBD – Casino Anniversary: 27 floats

June 18-19 – Father’s Day: 50 floats

Sept. 3-5 – College Ball: 20 Green/yellow and 20 Orange/black floats

September TBD ­– Celebration of Honor: 50 Red/white/blue floats

Oct. 1-2 ­– Fall Kite: 10 Hope floats

Nov. 24-27 – Thanksgiving: 50 floats

Dec. 10-11 – Basketball: 50 Red/black floats

Dec. 19-25 – Winter Break: 50 floats

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Head over here for the official Finders Keepers website. Don't forget to check out our travel guide for Lincoln City here, which includes things to do, where to stay, and more