Oregon man uses kite to ascend Mount St. Helens in 35 minutes

Photo courtesy Richard Hallman/Aaron Sales - Global Sessions

Easily the most badass video I’ve watched all day.  Meet Aaron Sales, a 42-year-old man from Hood River who just officially accomplished his ten-year mission to summit Mount St. Helens on a kiteboard. Said to be the first time someone has reached the summit by kite, sales has proved that if you are determined to do something great in this life, you will succeed.

“This turned into a lifetime goal for me,” Sales said in a release from his company, Global Sessions. “I thrive on a good challenge, and after getting denied by the conditions for more than a decade, I decided I wasn’t going to give up until I made it.”

Last Friday, Aaron Sales used a 6-square-meter inflatable kite to speed up the east face of the mountain on a snowboard. The incredible 3,150-foot ascent from the base of the mountain to the crater rim took Sales an impressive 35 minutes, which according to him is “an unofficial non-motorized speed record.”

Due to incredible winds at 23 mph, and the base as high as 46mph he was able to make the summit so quickly.

Sales found perfect conditions on that perfect day: Consistent wind, stable avalanche conditions and visibility to the top of the mountain.

“The planets aligned,” he said.


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