Ponytail Falls Hike In The Gorge: An Unofficial Guide

Ponytail Falls
All images courtesy of Anthony Castro / posted to PortlandHikers via Facebook

If you are looking to get out for a nice easy winter hike, you'll surely want to check out Ponytail Falls in the Columbia River Gorge right now. The trail begins at one of the most scenic trailheads anywhere and will continue into the Middle Oneonta Falls and other waterfalls that are absolutely gorgeous. On my last hike here I got a great workout in, and also was able to snap a few amazing photos.

Guide to Ponytail Falls

In these photos, courtesy of Anthony Castro, you will see that Ponytail Falls was frozen over on Sunday, December 18, and is absolutely stunning.

Ponytail Falls

In literally a few steps, you are leaving the modern freeway noise and will enter into a new world.

Ponytail Falls

This easy hike is less than a mile round trip, and is open all year-round (except during winter storms).

Ponytail Falls

While it may be slower in the winter, you may still consider leaving early to beat the rush to this beautiful spot.

Ponytail Falls Hike

This is the easiest waterfall hike in the Gorge, and is an absolute must-do for any Oregonian who loves to hike. Ponytail Falls is the Official name of this waterfall and has also been known as Upper Horsetail Falls.

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How to get to Ponytail Falls

Located in the Multnomah Falls area of the Columbia Gorge. Drive to Horsetail Falls, 2 1/2 miles east of Multnomah Falls, or 2 miles west of I-84 at Dodson. Park, and follow the Horsetail Falls Trail # 438 steeply up for about 4/10 mile, bearing right at the junction halfway up the hill. The trail crosses behind the falls, offering several photo opportunities from multiple angles on either side of the falls.