This Unsuspecting Little Spot Serves Some of the Most Amazing Fish & Chips You’ll Find in Oregon

ship out astoria oregon
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Embarking on a quest for Oregon's finest fish and chips, I stumbled upon a remarkable spot that could easily be missed by the casual observer. Nestled in Astoria, Oregon, Ship Out has quickly become a sanctuary for those of us who cherish the genuine flavors of the sea. This unique establishment, with its blend of casual charm and unpretentious ambiance, has solidified itself as my top pick for seafood indulgence.

ship out fish & chips astoria oregon
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At Ship Out, the atmosphere contributes as much to the dining experience as the food itself. The place is a delightful mix of art and maritime decor, creating a vibe that's both relaxed and engaging. It's not just a place to eat; it's a place to immerse yourself in. Whether it's the food truck serving up your meal or the quirky dining area that doubles as a consignment shop, every aspect of Ship Out adds to its allure.

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The choice of seating, be it under the cozy cover of the outdoor area adorned with garden wares or within the eclectic indoor space, ensures a welcoming and comfortable visit for all.

ship out fish & chips astoria oregon
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The menu here is a celebration of Oregon's bountiful coast, offering a diverse range of seafood that's both traditional and innovative. The cod and chips are a must-try, but the halibut tacos are a delightful surprise, adding a delicious twist to the expected.

ship out fish & chips astoria oregon
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The seafood's batter is light, allowing the fresh flavors to shine through, perfectly complemented by fries that strike the ideal balance between crispy and fluffy. Not to overlook the coleslaw and chowder, which have both earned their accolades, particularly the chowder, which many, including myself, consider being the best around.

ship out fish & chips astoria oregon
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What truly sets Ship Out apart is the thoughtfulness behind every element of the establishment. From the conversion of a trailer into a chic outhouse to the covered area that offers shelter and entertainment with cool beachy items and board games, Ship Out goes beyond mere dining.

ship out fish & chips astoria oregon
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It creates an experience. This blend of exceptional fare, distinctive ambiance, and thoughtful details makes Ship Out a jewel for those seeking a genuine coastal dining experience.

ship out fish & chips astoria oregon
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In wrapping up a visit to Ship Out, it's not just about recounting the flavors or the unique dining environment; it's about recognizing it as a monthly pilgrimage worth undertaking.

ship out fish & chips astoria oregon
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It's a testament to Oregon's seafood prowess and a beacon for those who seek out the best fish and chips in the state. For anyone intrigued by this hidden gem and looking to embark on their own flavorful journey, here's everything you need to know:

92351 Lewis and Clark Rd, Astoria, OR, United States, 97103
Mobile: (503) 468-0373

Email: [email protected]

Ship Out stands as a vivid reminder that the best culinary experiences often come from the most unexpected places, offering a memorable adventure with every visit and establishing itself as a cherished destination on Oregon's vast culinary landscape.