Folks Line Up Around The Block For This 1920s Vintage Oregon Gas Station Turned Drive-In

The outside of Sugarpine Drive-In. It's a white building with a cute sign.
Photo by Amy P. via Yelp.

The food is so good it should be criminal. With soft serve sundae's piled high with toppings, mouthwatering sandwiches, and salads almost too pretty to eat (but far too tasty not to enjoy), it's easy to see why the wait at this hidden drive-in can sometimes be up to an hour. An hour? Really? You expect me to wait an hour in line for my food? The line isn't always that long, but the wait is definitely worth it at Sugarpine Drive-In in Troutdale.

This 1920's Gas Station In Glenn Otto Park Is Hiding Something Special

The outside of Sugarpine Drive-In. It's a white building with a cute sign.
Photo by Tiffany P. via Yelp.

Glenn Otto Park is a popular spot in Troutdale, Oregon on the Sandy River.

A history of the gas station that is now Sugarpine Drive-In. Photo by Jenna M. via Yelp.

Most people come for the views and the little beach that provides river access, but are pleasantly surprised to find an old 1920's gas station that's been converted to a classy drive-in.

Fall Harvest Sandwich.
Fall Harvest Sandwich. Photo by Christopher G. via Yelp.

There's nothing quite like Sugarpine Drive-In. There are other old converted gas stations serving as restaurants in Oregon, but nothing can compare to the signature sundaes piled high with sweet goodies served here, or the flavorful sandwiches, rice bowls, soups and salads that have hikers, locals and travelers more than willing to wait in line for a taste.

Signature Sundaes And Soft Serve At Sugarpine Drive-In

The Larch Mountain sundae. It's colorful and looks delicious!
The Larch Mountain. Photo by Coffee L. via Yelp.

The signature sundaes at Sugarpine are off the charts. There are several you'll find on the menu year round, while others are seasonal and feature seasonal ingredients. An all time favorite is the Larch Mountain sundae with vanilla and chocolate swirl soft serve, served up with brown butter blondie bites, pine nut honey-comb crunch, and delicious blueberry raspberry sauce.

Rosie the Rhubarb Sundae.
Rosie the Rhubarb Sundae. Photo by Sugarpine Drive-In via Yelp.

Other offerings include the Andes Mountain mint chip sundae, and the "La Dolce Vita" Chef sundae. Another favorite is the Toaster Strudel sundae which is plant based. It has vanilla-oat and strawberry sorbet swirl with mini strudel bites, roasted strawberry sauce, vanilla icing, and strawberry-cashew cheesecake! Delicious!

Sundae Brunch Special.
Sundae Brunch Special. Photo by Sugarpine Drive-In via Yelp.

You can also build your own soft serve with toppings like gummy bears and mochi bites, Oreo shortbread crunch, and a variety of sauces like miso caramel and honey hot fudge.

Tropic Thunder, Nutter Buddy, and Barbie's Lemonade Stand sundaes on a dark yellow tray.
Tropic Thunder, Nutter Buddy, and Barbie's Lemonade Stand. Photo by Cynthia W. via Yelp.

The delicious combinations are endless!

Sandwiches And Rice Bowls That Will Knock Your Socks Off

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. Photo by Sugarpine Drive-In via Yelp.

Sugarpine Drive-In offers up timeless classics done right like the waffle grilled cheese, with cheddar, fontina and muenster on buttered Texas toast, cooked in a waffle iron to crispy perfection.

Roasted beet sandwich with bacon.
Roasted beet sandwich with bacon. Photo by Alyanna C. via Yelp.

Then there are one of a kind sandwiches that are melt in your mouth delicious like the Philly Roast Pork. This is one of those sandwiches that hits your taste buds and just explodes with flavor. It's served up on a toasted Oyatsupan sesame-milk bun, with Italian roast and pulled pork shoulder, slaw of Rapini, fennel, roasted red onion, green cabbage, stinging nettle, pistachio pesto and basil. Add to that Parmesan frico and a brown butter-piccata aioli and you have one of the best sandwiches being served in Oregon.

A colorful sandwich and a bag of chips in a cardboard to go box. The sandwich is cut in half and wrapped so it's ready to eat.
Photo by Ezen C. via Yelp.

If you're gluten sensitive or looking for something different, any of the sandwiches at Sugarpine can be made into a rice bowl. The Caul' of the Wild vegetarian is a popular choice to turn into a rice bowl, with roasted cauliflower and preserved lemon, whipped feta ahug, roasted red pepper hummus, castelvetrano and pickled jicama, spicy greens and sesame almond brittle. If you're getting this as a sandwich, it comes on a toasted poppy seed Kaiser bun.

Caul' of the Wild Rice Bowl.
Caul' of the Wild Rice Bowl. Photo by Sugarpine Drive-In via Yelp.

If you're looking for something a little lighter for lunch, try one of their delicious fresh salads, or a cup of classic tomato soup with basil oil and chives.

A very colorful bowl of salad.
Photo by Danielle M. via Yelp.

Sugarpine has local beers and ciders on draft, as well as a Frosé wine slushie and a number of non alcoholic beverages like kombucha, soda, coffee, lemonade and iced tea.

Pulled Pork Salad.
Pulled Pork Salad. Photo by Tiffany P. via Yelp.

Check out their full menu here.

Sugarpine Drive-In Troutdale, Oregon Information

A colorful bowl of green pasta with colorful toppings.
Photo by Sugarpine Drive-In via Yelp.

Tips For Visiting Sugarpine Drive-In

Beet Reuben.
Beet Reuben. Photo by Sugarpine Drive-In via Yelp.
  • There's a limited menu in the drive thru, so park and walk up for the full menu when you get there.
  • Diners should note that there's an automatic 20% gratuity added to the bill that is shared evenly by all hourly employees.
  • Wait times are longest on the weekend, so you may want to plan your visit on a Monday, Thursday or Friday for shorter wait times.
  • Location: 1208 East Historical Columbia River Highway in Troutdale, Oregon.
  • Hours: Thursday - Monday 11 AM - 5 PM, closed Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Phone: 503-665-6558
  • Get more information online at the official Sugarpine Drive-In website.
Sugarpine Club.
Sugarpine Club. Photo by Sugarpine Drive-In via Yelp.

Sugarpine Drive-In stands as a shining example of local businesses that we love in Oregon. If you’ve got a favorite spot or business in mind, don’t hesitate to nominate them—they might just be highlighted in an upcoming feature for That Oregon Life.

Curry pulled pork sandwich.
Curry pulled pork. Photo by Fred N. via Yelp.

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