Burgerville Fires Up Expansion with Sizzling New Location in Oregon

first burgerville oregon
The first Burgerville in Oregon. In Beaverton. It lasted 50 years then it came down. (burgerville.com)

Exciting news for Burgerville enthusiasts! The beloved regional chain is set to spice up the culinary scene with a brand-new location in Wilsonville, Oregon. This announcement, originally covered by the Statesman Journal, brings a fresh wave of excitement for Pacific Northwest fast food junkies.

Nestled along the bustling Interstate 5, the upcoming Burgerville outlet is taking over an erstwhile Burger King spot at 8699 SW Robert Burns Drive. This strategic location in Wilsonville marks an expansion of Burgerville's commitment to serving mouth-watering dishes crafted from locally-sourced ingredients.

Ed Casey, the CEO of Burgerville, expressed his enthusiasm about the new venture. "Wilsonville presents the perfect blend of a vibrant local community and a convenient stop for travelers," he remarked in a recent press release. This expansion is not just a win for Wilsonville but also a signal of Burgerville's growing footprint in the region.

For Salem residents feeling a bit left out, there's good news on the horizon. Burgerville has its sights set on Salem as part of its broader expansion plans over the next year and a half. This comes as a significant development, especially since Salem had to bid farewell to its Burgerville outlet back in the early '90s due to infrastructure projects.

The decision to re-enter Salem is fueled by the community's overwhelming desire for Burgerville's return. "After receiving countless messages from Salem residents, it became clear that there's a strong appetite for our return," shared Burgerville representatives. This eagerness underscores the deep connection the brand has established with its patrons over the years.

Founded in 1961, Burgerville is not just a fast-food chain; it's a symbol of regional pride with a focus on sustainability and community support. Currently operating 39 locations, including in Albany and Monmouth, the family-owned company calls Vancouver, Washington its home.

The Wilsonville opening marks a significant milestone as Burgerville's first new establishment in eight years, the last being in Corvallis in 2016. This expansion reflects the brand's enduring popularity and commitment to growing its presence in the Pacific Northwest.

FAQs About Burgerville's Expansion:

Q: When is the new Burgerville opening in Wilsonville? A: The opening is scheduled for late spring or early summer.

Q: Will Salem get a new Burgerville location? A: Yes, Salem is on Burgerville's expansion list, with plans to open a location in the next 18 months.

Q: How many Burgerville locations are there currently? A: There are 39 Burgerville locations across the Pacific Northwest.

Q: Why did the previous Burgerville in Salem close? A: The Salem outlet closed in the early '90s due to the Interstate-5 widening project at the Market Street interchange.

Q: Is Burgerville a local or national chain? A: Burgerville is a regional chain, primarily based in the Pacific Northwest, and headquartered in Vancouver, Washington.

Stay tuned for more updates on Burgerville's delicious journey across the Pacific Northwest!