The Exquisite Pies Alone are Worth the Drive to This Farmstand in Rural Oregon

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In the Willamette Valley of Oregon, there's a little slice of heaven known as Blue Raeven Farmstand, famous for its unbelievably delicious pies. It's more than just a bakery; it's a place where the essence of Oregon's rich agricultural heritage blends seamlessly with the warmth of a family-run business.

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Tucked away in the serene and picturesque Amity, Oregon, Blue Raeven Farmstand has been a cherished part of the community since 1987. This small, friendly town in the Willamette Valley is known for its rolling hills, lush vineyards, and a rich agricultural heritage that perfectly complements the farmstand's ethos. Currently in the caring hands of third-generation owners Ronald and Jamie Lewis, the story of Blue Raeven Farmstand, set against the backdrop of Amity's tranquil beauty, is as heartwarming as its pies.

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The journey began in 1985 when Patty DeRaeve's request for blueberry plants near her house led to an unexpected 85 acres of blueberry fields, thanks to her husband Marvin. Interestingly, the unique spelling of "Raeven" combines the family name 'DeRaeve' with their initial venture into blueberry farming, symbolizing the fusion of family heritage and agricultural passion.

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In 2000, Ron and Jamie expanded the farm to over 130 acres, cultivating a variety of fruits like blackberries, boysenberries, marionberries, tayberries, strawberries, apples, and peaches. This diversity laid the groundwork for their farmstand, which opened in 2007. Here, they began making pies with their homegrown fruits, ensuring quality and freshness from berry to pie.

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Blue Raeven's pies are handcrafted gems, known for their flaky crusts and sweet fillings. The farmstand offers a range of flavors, including Apple, Marionberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherry, Blackberry, the signature Blue Raeven blend, and Bumbleberry.

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But Blue Raeven isn't just about pies. The farmstand is a treasure trove of fresh produce, homemade jams, local honey, and other artisanal goodies.

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It's the kind of place where you come for a pie and leave with a basket full of the freshest, most delicious local produce.

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Visiting the farmstand is an experience in itself. It's warm and welcoming, with a rustic charm that makes you feel right at home. The staff greet you like an old friend, and if you're lucky enough to drop by during harvest season, you'll feel the buzz and vibrancy of Oregon's agricultural heart.

blue raeven store
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At Blue Raeven Farmstand, every pie and every berry tells a story of familial dedication to the art of baking and agriculture. It stands as a must-see destination in Oregon, enveloping visitors in a rich tapestry of local flavors and time-honored traditions. This charming spot offers more than just a taste of the region's culinary delights; it's an immersive journey into the area's heritage, with the distinctive name 'Raeven' echoing its strong family roots and agricultural background.

For those planning a visit to Blue Raeven Farmstand, the journey is a delightful experience in itself. Located at 20650 S Highway 99W, in Amity, Oregon, it's just about an hour's drive from Portland, making it a perfect day trip for those craving a taste of rural charm and homemade pies. Should you need to get in touch with them, feel free to call at 503-835-0740. Also, don't forget to check out their Facebook page for the latest updates on pie flavors, seasonal offerings, and special events. There, you can get a glimpse of the farm's daily life and connect with other pie enthusiasts who share your passion for Blue Raeven's delicious creations.

Planning your visit is easy when you know the hours. Open consistently from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, the farmstand is accessible almost every day of the week, from Friday to Thursday, offering plenty of opportunities for a delightful visit. Whether it's a leisurely weekday outing or a weekend trip, the doors are open to welcome you. Just keep in mind that it's closed on Sundays, allowing for a day of rest and preparation for the week ahead.

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