Experience the Magic of Sunriver this New Year at Blue Grouse 4

by | Dec 20, 2023 | Lodging, Vacation Rentals

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Nestled in the charming area of Sunriver, Oregon, Blue Grouse 4 emerges as a delightful getaway for those seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure. Managed by Sunset Lodging, this property has recently announced a surprise availability for New Year's, providing a perfect opportunity for guests to ring in the new year in style.

About Sunriver, Oregon

Sparks Lake Sunriver
Sparks Lake Near Bend Oregon and Sunriver Resort. The perfect place to kayak or paddle board, fish, hike, and relax. By Robert Shea via Flickr. CC2.

Sunriver is a sought-after vacation destination known for its stunning natural landscapes, outdoor activities, and a tranquil environment. Located in Central Oregon, it offers a plethora of activities ranging from hiking, biking, and golfing to winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

FAQ About Sunriver

  1. What are the main attractions in Sunriver?
    • The area is famous for its outdoor activities, including the Sunriver Nature Center, Lava Lands Visitor Center, and numerous trails and parks.
  2. What is the best time to visit Sunriver?
    • Sunriver is a year-round destination with each season offering unique activities: skiing in winter, hiking and biking in summer, and beautiful foliage in autumn.
  3. Are there family-friendly activities in Sunriver?
    • Absolutely. With bike trails, aquatic centers, and nature-focused activities, Sunriver is perfect for families.

About Sunset Lodging

Sunset Lodging is renowned for its hospitality and premium vacation rentals in Sunriver. They specialize in providing comfortable, well-equipped homes that cater to a variety of needs, ensuring a memorable stay for their guests.

FAQ About Sunset Lodging

  1. What sets Sunset Lodging apart?
    • Their focus on customer satisfaction, diverse range of properties, and local expertise make them stand out.
  2. How can guests book a stay?
    • Reservations can be made through their website or by calling their booking number.
  3. Does Sunset Lodging offer any special amenities?
    • Yes, many of their properties come with unique amenities like hot tubs, SHARC passes, and pet-friendly options.

Blue Grouse 4: A Review

Blue Grouse 4, a property under Sunset Lodging, is an exceptional vacation rental that promises a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Key Features

  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: This 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom home comfortably accommodates larger groups or families.
  • Pet-Friendly: Pets are welcome, with a nominal fee per animal per night.
  • Amenities: Highlights include a private hot tub, SHARC passes for aquatic fun, two living areas, and a pool table.
  • Kitchen: The open and bright kitchen area is perfect for preparing meals and socializing.

Why Stay at Blue Grouse 4?

  • Spacious and Comfortable: Ideal for family reunions, group retreats, or a luxurious getaway.
  • Entertainment Options: With a pool table and SHARC passes, there's never a dull moment.
  • Relaxation Guaranteed: The private hot tub provides an excellent way to unwind.
  • Convenient Location: Situated in the heart of Sunriver, it’s close to all major attractions.

Booking Information

To check availability or to book a stay at Blue Grouse 4, interested guests can call 800-541-1756 or visit the property's page on the Sunset Lodging website.


Blue Grouse 4, offered by Sunset Lodging in Sunriver, represents the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and fun. Whether it's a family holiday, a gathering with friends, or a special celebration like New Year's, this rental promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of Oregon's natural beauty.

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Written By Tyler James

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