New York Times Features 3 Oregon Restaurants Among US Best

Two eateries in Portland and another in McMinnville ranked among America's finest.

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Oregon Convention Center / Flickr

In a testament to Oregon's burgeoning culinary scene, three distinct eateries from the state have been christened by the New York Times as some of the most compelling dining destinations in the U.S. this year.

The Pearl of Portland, Lilia Comedor, finds its niche on South Moody Avenue. Though its doors have been open for less than a year, its story travels back much further, to the memories and teachings of Chef Juan Gomez's mother, Lilia. Gomez's ever-evolving menu is a canvas on which he paints with the colors of local produce, drawing inspiration from his Mexican-American heritage. Dishes such as the delicate halibut adorned with morels, mole, and crispy rice chicharron resonate with diners, proving that sometimes, flavors articulate emotions more powerfully than words. Expressing overwhelming gratitude, Lilia Comedor's Instagram post echoed the sentiments: "Too many feelings, too many words, too much gratitude."

Another Portland gem that received accolades is Cafe Olli, located on the bustling Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Since its inception in 2021, Cafe Olli stands apart not just for its seasonally-inspired Italian offerings but also for its unique employee-owned structure. In a heartfelt post, Cafe Olli shared their joy, highlighting that the very essence of the restaurant is its dedicated team, stating: "Our team are the heartbeat and essence of Cafe Olli. Their commitment is our pride."

However, it's not just Portland that’s making waves. Away from the city's hustle, in the serene backdrop of Oregon's wine country, stands Okta of McMinnville. This establishment isn't just a restaurant; it's an experience. Okta crafts a symphony of flavors, weaving in the very essence of the Pacific Northwest, from its flora and fauna to its stones and streams. The New York Times aptly described it as a tasting journey with "spiritual dimensions." The team at Okta, humbled by the recognition, took to Instagram to express their gratitude, emphasizing teamwork and vision as the pillars of their success.

With such diverse offerings and a commitment to excellence, it's clear that Oregon's culinary scene is not just thriving but setting benchmarks for the entire country. Cheers to the state's incredible talent and the flavors they bring to the table!

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