Self-Service Gas In Oregon: Separating Fact From Fiction

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Recently a new bill approving the legalization of self-serve gas was approved by Oregon Governor Tina Kotek. While many consider this a good thing, especially in rural areas, news surrounding the new bill has led to some confusion for Oregon drivers. Can you roll up to a gas station and pump your own gas or not? The answer: maybe.

Not All Stations In Oregon Will Offer Self Service

The wording of the new bill doesn't give drivers the right to self serve gas. What it does do is give gas stations a choice to whether or not they want to offer self service. This means that not every gas station you pull into will have self service pumps, and at those stations, you must still wait for an attendant.

Drivers are expected to follow to the rules set by the gas station they're at.

Gas stations who are offering self service pumps will have those pumps clearly labeled to differentiate them from pumps to be operated by gas attendants.

While the law may change again someday, for now Oregon gas stations aren't obligated to provide self-service pumps.

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