Ready, Set, Pump! Oregon’s Self-serve Gas Stations Go Into Effect Friday

pumping gas funny
Are people in Oregon truly ready to be allowed to pump their own gas? This is what it looks like when they travel.

Hey there, Oregonians! Here's a heads-up for you: starting this Friday, you're going to have a new choice at the gas station. Thanks to House Bill 2426 that recently passed in our state legislature, you'll get the option to fill up your car all by yourself at the pump in many gas stations across non-rural counties. That's right – self-service gas pumps are coming to places like Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it implies that up to 50% of the pumps can be designated as self-service. So, whether you're a do-it-yourself fan or someone who loves the convenience of a full-service gas station, you're in luck because you get to pick.

Now, in case you're a little unsure about this whole self-service idea, don't worry. The law has got you covered. It requires that an attendant should still be available at all times at these stations in non-rural counties. This ensures you can always have a helping hand if you need it.

Amanda Dalton, CEO of the Northwest Grocery Association, offers more clarity about this. According to her, this 50/50 rule between full service and self-service pumps only applies when the station is open. So, if the station is closed, then it's closed, plain and simple. And for those living in rural communities, this new rule doesn't change anything for you.

Unless our governor decides to sign the bill earlier, this new way of pumping gas is set to take effect early Friday morning. Get ready for a little change in your refueling routine, folks!