New Pod Of Orca Whales Spotted On Oregon Coast

orca breaching water
National Marine Sanctuaries / Flickr

Here in Oregon we love whale watching. During the spring and winter whale migrations, up to 25,000 gray whales and many pods of orcas pass by the Oregon coast and draw thousands of people with binoculars hoping to see these majestic creatures. This November whale watchers have been excited by a group of killer whales not normally seen along the Oregon coast that was recently sighted and photographed.

Killer Whales Sighted In Waters Of Columbia River

Orca Sighting Oregon
An orca spotted in Depoe Bay in 2007. Photo by Pat Kight via Flickr CC2.

November 23rd, 2022 brought an interesting encounter with a group of killer whales in the waters of the Columbia River. A pod of orcas normally recorded in Washington in the Puget Sound and off of Southern Vancouver Island was recorded for the first time in Oregon. This pod of whales, also known as T137, was also recorded the same day near Fort Stevens.

While orcas travel up and down the Pacific coast, they're normally spotted along the Oregon coast during the spring migration, and until now this particular pod of whales had never been spotted and recorded in Oregon.

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