Famous Goonies House In Astoria For Sale Soon For 1.6 Million Dollars

The famous house from this classic 1980s adventure movie set on the scenic Oregon coast is set to go up for sale next week.

The Famous Goonies House (Photo by Danielle Denham / That Oregon Life)

The much loved house from the cult classic movie The Goonies is about to go up for sale for 1.65 million dollars. The home next door will also be going up for sale at the same time for $555,000, and there's an option to buy both homes together.

The Famous Goonies House In Astoria Oregon Goes Up For Sale

We've written about the Goonies house numerous times over the years. Sometimes it's open for people to come visit the outside, and at other times the property has been closed to visitors due to issues tourists have caused for the homeowner and others living in the neighborhood. This is an issue any new owner of the Goonies house should be aware of.

It should be noted that if you're thinking of sneaking in during an open house to take a look at the famous home, only pre-approved potential homebuyers will be allowed to see inside. If you are pre-approved, at least you won't have to do the truffle shuffle to get up to the front door.

The Goonies Kids and Chester Copperpot's Treasure Map

This gorgeous 1,935 square foot home is expected to be listed next week. The real estate agent for this home is Jordan Miller from John L. Scott Real Estate.

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