Uk site warns Mt. Hood “south of Portland” may erupt in 2022

A volcano erupting in Kamchatka, Russia, 1993 (Photo by Giorgio Galeotti, wikimedia commons)

The things you read on the internet are quite comical at times, especially when it's some site using stock images of Oregon across the world. Apparently not only is Mount Hood south of Portland (it is east in case you were wondering), but it may even erupt in the new year. Mirror, which apparently sourced another site that apparently doesn't know how to look at a map, suggests in their headline Mount Hood is on track for a 'disastrous 2022' eruption. What, we didn't have enough chaos in Portland in 2021? I suppose we have to spice things up a bit and add a potential volcano eruption to the mix.

The article goes on to say experts are warning Mount Hood could flare up next year, but "only time will tell when the next eruption will occur" as reported by Express. I mean, the national debt might be paid off this year too. And you never know, all those creepy phone calls from IRS agents in third world countries threatening to arrest you if you don't pay them $1500 in Walmart gift cards, may even stop calling you. It could happen. It may be worth mentioning, according to National Geographic Mount Hood is actually America's 4th most dangerous volcano.

Furthermore, the article explains Mount Hood is considered the most likely of five volcanoes to erupt in Oregon, per a short documentary from a channel on Youtube known as underworld. The article didn't link to this documentary, so I suppose I'll leave it up to you to seek it out if you must. Also, scientists believe that the most likely Mt. Hood eruption would bring the most deadly of all volcanic hazards. And lastly, a Portland State University geologist urged it is "a question of public safety" while award-winning science journalist Shannon Hall said the volcano "is hardly monitored."

Mount Hood Eruptive History

Curious when the last time Mt. Hood erupted was? Here is a passage from this website, giving the history:

"Mount Hood is one of the major volcanoes of the Cascade Range and is more than 500,000 years old. The volcano has grown in fits and starts, with decades to centuries of frequent eruptions separated by quiet periods lasting from centuries to more than 10,000 years. Eruptive activity at Mount Hood during the past 30,000 years has been dominated by growth and collapse of lava domes, with the last two episodes of eruptive activity occurred 1,500 and 200 years ago. The last episode ended in the 1790s, shortly before the arrival of Lewis and Clark in 1805, and consisted of growth and collapse of a lava dome that sent numerous pyroclastic flows down the south and west flanks. Crater Rock is the remnant of that dome."

Feel free to head over here to read the article yourself. And happy new year Oregon!

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