5 Delicious Bloody Marys in Oregon Worth Waking Up For

Here's our top picks for standout Bloody Marys in Oregon.

The Godfather Fully Loaded Bloody Mary. Photo via Gryff's Pub Facebook page.

A Bloody Mary is an alcoholic drink that covers a wide range of tastes and flavors, including sour, slightly sweet, salty, and savory, and it can be made in a variety of interesting ways. There are a lot of great places in Oregon to get a tasty Bloody Mary, but there are five that stand out and have been suggested by followers on our Facebook page. Here are five spots to get awesome Bloody Marys in Oregon.

1. Dirty Harry Bloody Mary At The Fat Irish Kitchen And Pub (Pictured above)

One of the fun things about Bloody Marys are the toppings the drink is stuffed with. Visitors to the Fat Irish Kitchen And Pub in Harbor Oregon won't be disappointed with the Dirty Harry Bloody Mary.

Fat Irish Kitchen And Pub Interior. Photo via the Fat Irish Kitchen And Pub website.

You can visit the Fat Irish Kitchen And Pub at 16403 Lower Harbor Rd in Harbor Oregon, just a few minutes from Brookings. Learn more about the Fat Irish Kitchen And Pub at their website and Facebook page.

2. The Godfather Fully Loaded Bloody Mary At Gryffs Pub

Bloody Marys in Oregon Gryffs Pub
The Godfather Fully Loaded Bloody Mary. Photo via Gryffs Pub Facebook page.

This Bloody Mary at Gryffs Pub is more than a drink, it's a meal. The menu at Gryffs Pub is overflowing with killer cocktails and delicious food, and is a must visit when in Springfield. It's one of the very best fully-loaded bloody marys in Oregon.

You can visit Gryffs Pub at 720 A Street in Springfield Oregon or at 2101 Bailey Hill in Eugene Oregon. Get more information at the Gryffs Pub website and Facebook page.

3. The Bloody Mary At Big Kahuna Pub And Grill

Bloody Mary At Big Kahuna. Photo via the Big Kahuna Facebook page.

You can visit the Big Kahuna Pub and Grill at 111 Broadway street in Seaside Oregon. Learn more about Big Kahuna Pub and Grill at their Facebook page.

4. The Scorpion Bloody At Genie's Cafe

Bloody Marys in Oregon Genie's Cafe
The Scorpion Bloody Mary at Genie's Cafe. Photo via the Genie's Cafe Facebook page.

If you like some heat to your Bloody Mary or have an adventurous spirit, you'll definitely want to try the Scorpion Bloody at Genie's Cafe in Portland Oregon. This unique Bloody Mary is made with Trinidad maruga scorpion pepper infused vodka and topped with a real scorpion!

Note: Genie's Cafe is temporarily closed due to Covid-19, but you'll want to add this cafe to your list for when they reopen.  Once open again you can visit Genie's Cafe at 1101 SE Division St in Portland Oregon. Learn more about Genie's Cafe at their website and Facebook page.

5. The Bloody Mary Bar At Weinhard Grill

Bloody Marys in Oregon Weinhard
Bloody Marys At the Weinhard Grill. Photo via the Weinhard Grill Facebook page.

The Weinhard Grill has some awesome Bloody Marys and a Bloody Mary bar, making it the perfect place to go for brunch.

You can visit the Weinhard Grill at 812 Main St in Oregon City, Oregon. Learn more about the Weinhard Grill at their website and Facebook page.

Make Your Own Bloody Mary At Home

There's a variety of ways to make a Bloody Mary, and people often disagree on how to make one. The video below shows one way to make a basic Bloody Mary:

Here's another video showing three different ways to make Bloody Marys and that talks about the complex chemical structure of this drink:

What's your favorite spot for Bloody Marys in Oregon? Let us know in the comments!