Bend Oregon Couple Discover Large Lava Tube Under Their Home

This couple was told there was a small cave under their property when they bought it, but it turned out to be much larger than they thought.

Lava tube on Big Island, Hawaii (Envato)

In 2007 James and Suzanne Brierley purchased their Bend Oregon home on 10 acres and were told there was a small lava tube cave somewhere on their property. Now that they're selling their home they've discovered just how large the lava tube is.

The lava tube was formed by molten lava that once flowed underground from the Newberry Volcano and then cooled on the outside as the lava continued to flow until the cave emptied out. The cave is large enough to stand up straight in and for several people to stand side by side.

Not all of the cave has been explored yet, but the Brierleys invited the Oregon High Desert Grotto club out to explore it, collect data, and try to understand the origins of the lava tube. Now that they are selling their home and property, the Brierleys hope the future homeowners will preserve and take care of the cave.

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