Take a New Zip Line Tour To Marvel Over Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Zipliners preparing to launch at Mt. Bachelor. / Image via / bendbulletin.com

In need of a great vacation idea or family getaway? You need to try Mt. Bachelor's new and awe-inspiring Ziptour down the mountain...RIGHT NOW. This zip line features dual-spans seven feet apart, perfect for zipping with a friend or loved one.

This is a three-stage tour that shoots you nearly 1,400 vertical feet down the Bachelor volcano upwards of 60 mph. Coming in at 1.3 miles total, you'll experience breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness and Cascade peaks. The line is also self-braking, meaning that if you're in need of an actual break while zipping, you're free to slow things down and take a breather. (Speaking of breathing, masks are definitely required. Stay safe, everyone.)

Mt. Bachelor, Oregon's Zipline Tour Map / Image via / mtbachelor.com

The ride itself launches from an elevation of 7,800 ft. above the tree line at the top of Pine Marten lift. Everything you need for the perfect zip is included: helmet, harness, and backpack, ensuring a safe and comfy ride for both you and your personal belongings. Reservations for this awesome Oregon outdoor adventure are required, so book your zip as soon as possible.

r Zipliners preparing to launch at Mt. Bachelor. / Image via / bendbulletin.com

For pricing information, hours of operation, booking your Ziptour, and the nitty-gritty of all requirements see the page here.

Anna Simpson and her friend Kaelin Liverman both scream as they ride a section of the new zipline feature at Mt. Bachelor. / Image via Ryan/ bendbulletin.com

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