This Awesome Rock Ranch in Oregon Offers a Unique Experience

Melissa Delzio / Flickr

Recently I came across one of the coolest places to visit in Oregon. It’s known as Richardson’s Rock Ranch.

UPDATE 3/9/2020:

According to the Richardson’s Rock Ranch’s “About Us” section on their website, as of 2019 they no longer offer digging areas for guests:

Remaining unchanged for many years, 2019 proved to be a year of major changes for our business and our family. The biggest of these changes is the closing of the digging areas on the ranch. Moving forward we are concentrating on keeping the rock shop up and running with an even larger variety of rough and finished products. We have changed our hours and days of operation but will do our best to accommodate by appointment any customers who are on a rigid schedule.


This family owned ranch has something for everyone. The Richardson Rock Ranch opened 43 years ago and has more variety of material than any other place in Central Oregon.


Inside the shop, you will find all sorts of awesome rocks from all over the world for sale. While they no longer offer digging up your own thundereggs, they still continue to carry freshly dug thundereggs from the South Blue Bed, Red Bed, Pony Butte, Opal and Priday Moss and Old Beds 1 and 2.

The rock shop includes beautiful polished specimen, fun and handy knickknacks, candle holders, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, carved animals, wind chimes, vases, lamps, keychains, decorative bowls, plates, boxes, bookends, fossils, amethyst everything and much, much more. All of these items are made out of the variety of stone treasures from every corner of the earth.

Head over to their website to learn more!

Hours and when to go

Updated as of May 2, 2022

***Spring/Summer Hours***
Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily


The Richardson Rock Ranch is located approximately 11 miles north of Madras, Oregon, just a few miles east of Highway 97.

6683 Hay Creek Rd
Madras, Oregon 97741

(541) 475-2680