15 Awe-Inspiring Solar Eclipse Pictures Captured in Oregon

Solar Eclipse 2017, Captured at Smith Rock State Park by Andrew Studer

So the big day finally came and went. All these months of hype, leading up to Aug. 21, 2017, where the solar eclipse began in Oregon. Here are some of the most incredible solar eclipse pictures we could find capturing the amazing moment! I've never seen so many majestic photos in one day captured in our beautiful state.

Solar Eclipse Pictures


1. Smith Rock State Park

 2. Mt. Jefferson by Jasman Lion Mander

Solar Eclipse Pictures

3. Dead Ox Ranch Campout by Gary Randall

Solar Eclipse Pictures

4. The sun, the moon, and the stars by Mike Paek 

Solar Eclipse Pictures

5. Lincoln City

6. Ashland

7. Timothy Lake

8. Colton High School

9. Keizer Rapids Park

Eclipse Madness ????????. . It was an experience impossible to put into words or convey with photos but I'll try anyway. . One of the most incredible moments I've ever experienced! We were able to take in totality in the town of Keizer where my parents live and where I grew up. The moments leading up to totality were eerie and surreal. The lighting changed, becoming darker but still bright enough to see. The temperature began to drop making me regret not bringing a jacket. And finally, when the moon fully covered the sun, I couldn't resist the urge to howl at the moon as I lost all control during this eclipse madness ????! . . #artofvisuals #upperleftusa #landscape_lovers #sunsets #nikonlove #instagood #oregon #westcoast #adventure #optoutside #keizer #moon #travelwashington #main_vision #picoftheday #yourshot #wonderfulplaces #totalsolareclipse2017 #shotaward #watchthisinstagood #moodygrams #mood #oregoneclipse #instagood #summer #allbeauty_addiction #bridgetown #exceptional_pictures #thatpnwlife #thatoregonlife

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10. Woodburn

11. Summer Eclipse Sunrise

12. Larch Mountain

Today was a pretty great day in Oregon. #solareclipse2017 ????: @snickersv

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13. Full Time Lapse of 2017 Eclipse; by Brent Chapman

eclipse pictures

14. Duffy Lake by Anderson Visual Arts

eclipse pictures


15. Colton, Oregon by Jacob Carroll Photography

eclipse pictures


But wait, there's more. We have included a bonus shot of the solar eclipse captured near the Painted Hills!

16. John Day River shot by Danielle Denham



      • Number one is striking, but also looks like a collage. I’d love to see the EXIF data and the original file. 2 is a composite – the foreground would be totally blown out during the partial solar exposures. 4 and 5 look like composites as well, and 12…well, it’s kind of hard to have shadows on the mountains when the sun is behind them.

        • He posted a video of him lining up the shot… It was taken with a second camera or phone

          You can actually see the angle where he was and the person that was standing on the top side of the Rock before the eclipse happened.

          That pretty much blows your theory out of the water

        • As noted, #1 is not fake/composite. #2 is obviously composite but due to its clearly composite nature that precludes it from being fake (i.e. trying to pass it off for something it isn’t). Most likely it is an accurate representation of the various phases in relation to the landscape. #4 can be easily done in a single shot, 5 yeah clearly the landscape and sun were shot at different focal lengths, and yep… 12… they definitely don’t have a career in photo manipulation in their future.

        • Number 1 is by freelance photographer Ted Hesser. It is not a fake but one of his many fabulous pix. He also is an alpinist. Many of his pix have appeared in climbing magazines. Check out his FB page. And be careful not to make pronouncements or accusations about things you obviously know nothing about — someone could sue you.

          • I doubted the veracity of the photo and was pointed to proof. I never accused anyone of anything. You and Willow Moon are the ones getting all butt hurt over it. I have every right to say what I did, and there’s nothing I could be sued over. I offered an opinion. That’s what comment sections are for.

            As for “things you obviously know nothing about”, I happen to know a lot about what I’ve commented on, being a professional photographer and digital artist myself. So, the one who should shut her trap is you, snotty little Sandy ‘I’m not brave enough to use my full name’. Is everyone in Oregon as self-righteous as you and Willow?

          • Sandy, the one pic that is on the FB page by itself, the total eclipse one, if you know who took that pic, I would like to ask if I could have a copy of that one to frame . It’s so beautiful.

  1. The sun was over 50° above the horizon at the time of totality which makes the authenticity of several of these photos very questionable. The two time lapse ones don’t even show the sun following the same path, while the one of Mt Hood not only has the sun way low in the sky but has the shadows all wrong. At least a third of these appear to have been photoshopped.

    • 1. Sun too low, perspective impossible
      2. Sun too low
      3. Sun too low, perspective impossible
      12. Sun too low, perspective impossible, shadows all wrong
      13. Composite of many photos
      14. Sun too low
      16. Perspective impossible

    • Don’t hold your breath. Your kind have been waiting more than 2000 years. In that book of his, he promised he’d be back “with his kingdom” within the lifetime of people that heard him speak when he was alive. Didn’t happen did it?

      Time to move on.

      • Bless your heart. Mankind has no concept of God’s timetable. He WILL return and “every knee shall bow and every voice proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord!” I will pray for you that you will be ready. God bless you and look for a sign from God that this is the truth. ????

      • You’re wrong because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. In Matthew 24, where he is recorded as saying that “this generation shall not pass away until all these things are fulfilled,” he was not talking about his second coming. He was talking about the destruction of Jerusalem and Herod’s temple. It happened like he said in 66-70 A.D. when Titus breached the wall of Jerusalem and Roman soldiers dismantled the temple stone by stone, looking for gold that had melted into the spaces between them. If you do not repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you will not enter the kingdom of God but spend eternity in outer darkness, which is probably what you prefer.

    • We traveled to a place of totality in Nebraska and while the moon was in front of the sun it was dark where we were; but if you looked toward the horizon, it looked just like that – colors of a sunset or sunrise could be seen. It was eerie and awesome at the same time!! Next time you should travel to a place of totality if at all possible – you won’t believe your eyes. God is Awesome!

  2. My Experience of the August 21, 2017 eclipse. Video Starts Just before totality as the shadow approaches my viewing spot southwest of Antelope Oregon. Pay attention to the thick smoke clouds after totality ends. You can see a well defined shadow of the moon racing to the East.


  3. No one seems to asking the right questions.. This eclipse starts “in the West”, sunrise is from the East, I was on the east that day an the Sun rose as it always does. Plus, to have an eclipse (according to NASA), you have to have a full or new moon. Again, I was in the east and the moon was a sliver? Now, coming from West to East, what exactly was the moon supposed to be covering up? Would love to hear what you’all think it was, because it sure was Not the Sun.