Short Beach in Oregon is a hidden gem

short beach oregon
persons0 / Flickr

Just south of Oceanside, Oregon, among other pocket beaches that can be difficult to access, you will find a serene place known as Short Beach. This hidden gem makes for the perfect weekend getaway, a place where you can forget about your problems for the day and enjoy the beautiful coastline at it's finest.

Short Beach is hidden in Plain View

This hidden spot is in plain view, although you may even overlook it as you pass by. Said to be only 1000 yards long, the small beach on the Oregon Coast is appropriately named. It's even said to have a secret tunnel on the southern end, where you will find cliffs that hide Lost Boy Beach. The tunnel is said to become visible only during extremely low tide.

If we have sold you on your next adventure, Short Beach is located between Oceanside and the well known Cape Meares along what is known as Meares Loop Road. At this point, it is known as the Three Capes Tour, and you will see a tiny mile marker designating MP 4, and then Radar Road. This is where you will find Short Beach and a sea stack sitting at the tideline.

short beach
Lessa Clayton / Flickr

Off the side of the road, you should have no problem parking in the gravel lot. To get down to the beach you will find steep steps, and while it'll take some effort this place is absolutely worth the trip descending down. We'd suggest the steps and to avoid the slippery path down, which has actually resulted in many head injuries over the years.

As seen in the photograph, next to this path sits a large manmade yet impressive waterfall. While I don't have any plans to propose to anyone in the near future, I could definitely see this being the perfect place to do so. Not to mention, a must stop for any photographers in Oregon!

We'd also like to remind our readers to avoid this place during high tides as this small beach can be very dangerous, even during a small storm. Please be advised to only visit here during calmer weather, and when the tide gives you enough room to avoid logs and the soaring cliffs above.