Salem is the capital city of Oregon, located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The city is known for its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural attractions. Salem boasts several museums, art galleries, and historic sites, including the State Capitol Building and the Willamette Heritage Center. The city is also home to the Oregon State Fairgrounds, which hosts events throughout the year, and numerous parks and outdoor recreation areas. Additionally, Salem is known for its food and beverage scene, including craft breweries, wineries, and farm-to-table restaurants showcasing the local agricultural products of the Willamette Valley.

Top 4th of July Fireworks Shows in Oregon for 2024

Parades, barbecues, music festivals and more (and let's not forget the fireworks). What are your plans for Independence Day 2024?

Salem, Oregon Ranks Top 10 In USA Family Friendly Travel Destinations

Recently Yelp, known for reviews of restaurants, attractions and other businesses, compiled a list of America's top 10 family friendly destinations. The ten cities that made the cut were cities that matched the 'good for kids' attribute on Yelp and had high searches for family friendly activities....

Tickle Your Isolated Taste Buds with Divine Cake at This Little Bakery in Oregon

From decadent chocolate cakes, rich cheesecakes, and delicious torte, this place is set up to be your go to spot for a sweet treat!

The Classic Diner In Oregon Where Locals Catch Up Over A Hearty Breakfast

Found in Salem, Oregon, Patty's Off-Center Cafe has been a hidden gem since its inception in February of 2015. With a modest 38-seat setup, this unassuming diner has quickly become a staple for locals and visitors alike, distinguishing itself in a town known for its love of a hearty breakfast....

This Cozy Bookstore Has a 40-Year Legacy of Literary Richness in Oregon

Hello fellow book lovers! Let's talk about a little gem that's been lighting up our reading world in both Salem and Corvallis, Oregon. The Book Bin—yes, that cozy, family-owned bookstore we all adore—recently hit a big milestone. In 2023, they celebrated 40 fantastic years of bringing us stories,...
Top 4th of July Fireworks Shows in Oregon for 2024

Top 4th of July Fireworks Shows in Oregon for 2024

Have you made plans yet for Independence Day 2024? I'm not the best at making plans ahead of time for the holidays, so seeing a list of local events I can attend with my family and friends is always helpful for me. If you're like me and are looking for something fun...

Teenager From Salem Found After Missing Since 2021

Teenager From Salem Found After Missing Since 2021

Ezra Mayhugh, a 17-year-old teen from Salem, Oregon, who went missing for over a year, has finally returned home and has been reunited with his family. This has been a huge relief for the Mayhugh family, who have been searching for their son for the past 16 months....