The Classic Diner In Oregon Where Locals Catch Up Over A Hearty Breakfast

The exterior of Patty's Off Center Cafe in Salem, Oregon. It's a brick building with red doors and black trim.
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Found in Salem, Oregon, Patty's Off-Center Cafe has been a hidden gem since its inception in February of 2015. With a modest 38-seat setup, this unassuming diner has quickly become a staple for locals and visitors alike, distinguishing itself in a town known for its love of a hearty breakfast.

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Patty's Off-Center Cafe In Salem, Oregon

The secret to Patty's allure isn't just in its location, subtly tucked away at 1741 Center St NE, near the corner of Center and 17th streets. It's in the heart and soul poured into every dish. Here, shortcuts in the kitchen are non-existent.

Scrambled eggs, potatoes and an English muffin plated in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Photo by Katie S. via Yelp

It's about passion, a commitment to quality that resonates in every bite of their homemade herb biscuits, country gravy, and sausage. From their meticulously crafted soups to the lavish breakfasts and lunches, Patty's has mastered the art of comfort food, making it one of the town's go-to spots.

A white plate with eggs, half an orange slice, and biscuits and gravy.
Photo by Katie S. via Yelp.

The menu is a testament to the cafe's dedication to flavor and quality. For instance the Patty's Scramble is a culinary delight with three eggs, fresh spinach and mushrooms, topped with a vibrant pico de gallo and sour cream, and served with a choice of toast, English muffin, or a signature herb biscuit.

The Chicken Fried Steak is a masterpiece of home-style cooking, featuring a hand-cut round steak, breaded and draped in a rich sausage gravy. Served with two eggs, country potatoes, and your bread of choice, it's the epitome of a hearty meal. And for those with a penchant for something savory and traditional, the Corned Beef Hash, made in-house, and the Uncle Mike's Red Neck Benedict, a unique twist on a classic, are not to be missed.

Lemon poppyseed pancake special and eggs benedict. The pancakes are drizzled in red and white syrup and sauce in an aesthetically pleasing way. Looks delicious!
Lemon poppyseed pancake special and eggs benedict. Photo by Krystal C. via Yelp.

The California Benedict offers a fresher take, with basted eggs, tomato, spinach, and avocado, all beautifully layered on an English muffin and topped with Hollandaise sauce, accompanied by country potatoes. For the sweet tooth, the French Toast with Raspberry Syrup is a dream, featuring thick-sliced challah bread, a unique granola crust, and house-made syrup, while the Vanilla Pancakes offer classic breakfast indulgence with a variety of tempting options.

Patty's extends its culinary prowess beyond breakfast with offerings like the Off-Center Club Sandwich, a meat-lover's delight, the Three Cheese Grilled Sandwich for cheese aficionados, and the indulgent Bacon Mac-N-Cheese. With a diverse menu that also includes soups, salads, and burgers, there's something to satisfy everyone.

A club sandwich at Patty's Off Center Cafe in Salem, Oregon.
Club sandwich. Photo by Shelly W. via Yelp.

But Patty's Off-Center Cafe is more than just its food. It's about the experience. With a cute, homey decor featuring chicken art and photographs, the ambiance invites guests to relax and enjoy their meal and good company. The service is personal, warm, and genuine, ensuring every guest leaves not just satisfied, but eager to return.

In a town with many breakfast spots, Patty's Off-Center Cafe stands out, not just for its delicious, from-scratch meals but for its commitment to creating an experience that feels like home. It's a place where every dish tells a story and every visit feels like a return to something familiar and beloved.

Patty's Off-Center Cafe Salem, Oregon Information

Country fried steak and eggs with a herb biscuit.
Country fried steak and eggs with a herb biscuit. Photo by Greg L. via Yelp.
  • Location: 1741 Center St NE in Salem, Oregon
    • Tip: If it's your first time, Patty's can be a little hard to find. Look for the signs on the sidewalks of Center and 17th near the corner. The restaurant is tucked away in the back.
  • Hours:
    • Wednesday - Saturday: 7 AM - 2 PM
    • Sunday: 8 AM - 2 PM
    • Monday and Tuesday: Closed
  • Phone: (503) 399-5522
  • Get more information at the official Patty's website.
Pancakes drizzled in white sauce, next to two fried eggs and an orange slice. Looks good!
Photo by Jen B. via Yelp.

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