Oregon Takes 2nd Place in Most Outdoorsy State in the Nation

by | Jun 17, 2024 | Adventures, News

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On the heels of finally spending Father's Day with my family hiking a spot that's been on my radar for quite some time, God’s Thumb in Lincoln City, it looks like Oregon is in the spotlight once again for being one of the best places ever for the great outdoors. In case you were unaware, June is Great Outdoors Month. It's a time dedicated to celebrating and exploring the beauty and benefits of the natural world. Whether it's hiking, camping, fishing, or simply enjoying a picnic in a local park, this month encourages everyone to step outside and appreciate the great outdoors.

The Senate has officially designated June 2024 as Great Outdoors Month, and we’re ready to join in the festivities. We’re not alone in our enthusiasm. According to BetVirginia.com, Oregon is the second most outdoorsy state in the nation. While BetVirginia.com usually focuses on Virginia sports betting, they decided to rank states based on their interest in outdoor activities using Google Trends search interest scores.

It's no surprise Oregon ranked so high given our plethora of outdoor activities. In my opinion, Oregon is the most beautiful state in the country, and I couldn't think of a better place to live. Mother Nature is my therapy here. It's where I can clear my thoughts and let my life troubles fall to the wayside while I breathe in the fresh air. With mountains, deserts, and the ocean, Oregon truly has a little bit of everything. From hiking by stunning waterfalls to epic cycling and camping adventures, you can't ask for much more if you love being out in nature as much as I do.

Oregon scored 80, just behind Minnesota's perfect score of 100 and ahead of Indiana's 70. Our northern neighbor Washington placed seventh with a score of 47, while California didn’t make the top 10. I was a bit surprised to hear this, as California is home to some of the most awe-inspiring places you ever could visit, such as the Redwood Forest.

Looking to put those hiking boots to the trail? Check out our list of best places to hike in Oregon in 2024!

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Written By Tyler James

Tyler James, founder of That Oregon Life, is a true Oregon native whose love for his state runs deep. Since the inception of the blog in 2013, his unbridled passion for outdoor adventures and the natural beauty of Oregon has been the cornerstone of his work. As a father to two beautiful children, Tyler is always in pursuit of new experiences to enrich his family’s life. He curates content that not only reflects his adventures but also encourages others to set out and create precious memories in the majestic landscapes of Oregon. Tyler's vision and guidance are integral to his role as publisher and editor, shaping the blog into a source of inspiration for exploring the wonders of Oregon.

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