Salem’s Riverfront Park Gears Up for Ultimate Taco Fest with Over 30 Food Trucks This May

Salem Rotary Amphitheater, Eco-Earth Globe and Minto Brown Park pedestrian, cyclists bridge at River Front Park in downtown Salem. (Shutterstock)

Alright taco lovers, gather around because I've got some spicy news that'll make your taste buds dance! Salem's Riverfront Park is about to be transformed into a taco paradise. Yes, you read that right! On May 4, the Northwest Taco Fest is rolling in with a lineup of more than 30 food vendors serving up a storm of tacos. Dreamed up and brought to life by the dynamic duo Dan and Chelsea Opfer, along with an amazing team of volunteers, this isn't just about gobbling tacos. They're setting up a whole festival vibe with shopping stalls, live music beats, and plenty of fun stuff for the little ones.

So, what's the deal? From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., just a day shy of Cinco de Mayo, taco heaven opens its gates. If you're quick on the draw, early bird tickets are going for $12 for adults, with a special rate of $9 for seniors and veterans. Oh, and kids under 10? They get in free with an adult by their side.

It all started with a simple plan for a low-key food truck gathering, but as the buzz spread, the vision grew into something much bigger—a community fiesta, all in the name of taco love, according to Dan. They're even making it a welcoming spot for families and our furry friends. Drawing inspiration from Dan's food festival volunteer days in San Diego, this taco fest marks the Opfers' debut in festival organization, fueled by Dan's shift from cybersecurity and Chelsea's knack for crafting at-home murder mystery parties.

In Dan's words, it's "an event for the community that love tacos and taco-themed things to get excited for tacos together." Plus, they're teaming up with the 2024 Walk ALS at the State Capitol, offering walkers free entry and some taco treats. With a growing list of sponsors and an official festival hot sauce, the excitement is just building.

Stay tuned for updates on taco vendors, musical acts, and how you can snag your tickets by checking out the Northwest Taco Fest's website and Facebook. Let's taco 'bout a fantastic day out, shall we?

Source: Statesman Journal